Monday, August 20, 2007

Feels Like Fall!

It's a rainy, cool, and overcast day here on the western side of the Cascades. Certainly feels like Fall to me! I love these kinds of days. Guess I've lived here long enough that I crave the rain after a while. But then ask me if still feel that way when March arrives and it will be a whole different story.

Since I'm in the Fall mood I decided to start adding some items to my Etsy shop. My lotion bars don't ship well in the summer due to the heat so I usually wait until September 1st to start offering them again. But I just couldn't wait.

I've also got lots and lots of Fall and Halloween items in the works plus new Autumn soap and linen spray scents. One of the things that I'm working on is primitive candy corn bowl fillers or ornies. These cuties will be made from muslin, hand stuffed, hand painted, and grunged up with coffee & cinnamon. I may have to add some glitter too! That's the only secret I'm letting out. You'll have to come back to see what else I'm working on.


Alpicks Treasures said...

Its still 100 degrees here. Enjoy your temps. have a nice week!

Sue said...

Hi Kay, I love fall too and can't wait!! I love your etsy site too, how long have you had it? I'm working on fall items for mine too, it is that season!

jayedee said...

i have total autumn envy!
we're still a l-o-n-g way from it!

madrekarin said...

I'm so jealous. We are having our hottest summer in ages and I am feeling every single elevated degree. And we have had so little rain that my garden os dying, leaf by brittle leaf. If you would be so kind, could you send a bit of your cooler temps and rain my way? I would be very grateful. :)

Whatsoever Things... said...

I can not wait to see all the things you will be adding:-) I enjoy my visits to your little cottage:-)