Monday, December 31, 2007

Sale Here and My Etsy Shop

Blogger is giving me fits. For some reason it thinks that I am a spam blog and I have to enter a verification code every time I post. I have sent an email to them so hopefully it will be fixed soon. I am listing some things here and some other things in my Etsy shop. Please feel free to visit either place. I have sewing and embroidery patterns - most brand new and never used. Apron, purse, tote bags, quilt patterns. Shabby cottage home decor items. Fabric - some pieces are new and some are vintage. Yardage, pieces, and quilt squares. I have lots to list so please check back each day as I will do a little at a time.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Best Day

It's the best day because it's the first day of a four day weekend! I didn't get much done except be a taxi mom -- into town and back a couple of times.

It's the best day because I found out my dear friend, Elodie, is moving back to WA from Texas. She's been gone for two years and I've missed her so much. She and her husband bought a beautiful home on 5 1/2 acres. Elodie will be here in a month -- I can't wait!

It's the best day because I got to take a short nap today. Everyone was gone so I turned on the Christmas tree and laid on the couch snuggled under an afghan. Very peaceful.

It's the best day just because! No reason -- it's just the best day.

Hope you're day was a best one too!

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Eve - A Magical Night!

I just love Christmas Eve. There is something so magical about this night. The preparations are all done and we are settling into enjoying our family. The hustle and bustle has lead to quiet reflection of Christ's birth.

When I was a young girl this night was when we had a big spaghetti dinner and opened presents. Then on Christmas Day we went to my grandma's nephew's house for dinner. There would be about 30 people there and it was a fun time filled with family and laughter.

Our family is spread out now with us being out here and the rest of the folks being in IL. Stephany is with her dad for Christmas Eve. I am alone with the cats for a while and enjoying the peace. Missy and Christien will be coming over so we can go to Christmas Eve Service at 6 and then back here to watch a movie together.

Tomorrow morning will be stockings and presents, cinnamon rolls and juice, then ham and all the trimmings for dinner. We will celebrate the birth of Christ!

Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Countdown

The shopping is all done -- I finished the last of it yesterday. I made my third (and last) batch of fudge tonight along with about 6 dozen sugar cookies. Tomorrow I will make some toffee bars along with peanut cluster cookies. Then I have to get the Christmas cheese ball done. My kids and grandkids expect that every year! That will be our thing to nibble on while Christmas dinner is cooking. I will wrap my presents tomorrow (yes, I know it's Christmas Eve but I hate wrapping and put it off as long as I can) and then will be ready for the big day.

And tomorrow night, after everyone is in bed, I will play Santa and fill the stockings. All the kids still expect their stocking and look forward to that almost more than the actual presents!

Aunt Jenny shared her Christmas cheese ball recipe on her blog (sound so yummy) so I will share mine here.

(2) 8 ounce pkgs of cream cheese
(2) cups shredded cheddar cheese
(1) pkg onion soup mix
dash of lemon juice
dash of worchestershire sauce

Bring the cream cheese and cheddar cheese to room temp. Add the remaining ingredients. Wash your hands and then dig in and start mixing. Pat into one large ball or several small ones. Serve with crackers. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Logan's Calf - God's Son

A friend sent this to me tonight. It touched my heart so much that I wanted to share with you. A remarkable phone call from a 12-yr old boy to Houston radio station KSBJ FM 89.3. So profound, the station has it posted on their website.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Early Christmas

Look what I got from my dear friend Sher in Kansas! Two handstitched pinkeeps! Each cross stitched with my grandmother's initials and the year of her birth. They are filled with sawdust and are so primitive! I love them! Thank you dear friend!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Big Sale Coming Up - New Year's Eve

Do you all remember my post about how I was changing my decorating from shabby cottage to primitive?? Well I have lots and lots of pink stuff, floral stuff, and girly fufu to get rid of. Fabric, dishes, pictures, and more. I'm also cleaning house and will have cookbooks, cooking magazines, and probably some crafting and sewing pattern and books.

The sale starts here on December 31st at Midnight!! Stop by to see what's listed. First come, first served!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christian Glitter by

You're invited to a Happy Birthday Jesus Blog Party December 13th through the 20th! Just click the Happy Birthday Jesus graphic in the sidebar and you will be taken to Creative Call Studios where you can sign up. Let's spread the word about the true meaning of Christmas!

In God We Still Trust

A dear friend sent this video to me this morning. It touched my heart so much that I had to share it on my blog. The song is by Diamond Rio. Every time they play it at a concert they get a standing ovation. Sadly, it has never been released for play on the radio stations. Evidentally it is not considered politically correct. How wrong they are!! This is the most politically correct song I've heard in years. Be sure to mute the Christmas Music before starting the video.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Prayer Journal

Do you keep a journal or prayer journal? I do, although I admit I'm not consistently writing in it every day. My book is just one of those plain jane composition books that I snagged at the office supply store. I have several others that I've almost filled.

Last night I was sitting on my bed preparing to write for that day. I decided to take the time to go back and read through the journal since we're nearing the end of the year.

I read my prayer list and all those that I've prayed for this past year. Some needs are still on the list with new added all the time. But many have highlighted lines through them and praise comments in the margin! Those praises I saw reminded me of how God truly does answer our prayers. Often times we pray and pray thinking that there has been no response. Or something that we had been praying for gets moved down the list as other things are added. Writing the answers helps us to know that God is working!

Some of those answers weren't exactly what had been prayed for. But God did answer in a way that was His will. Many were exactly right on. When I read these praises it just warmed my heart with love. Think of the millions of whispers of prayers that God hears every day. But He takes the time to listen to each whisper!

God is so good, so faithful -- what a blessing knowing that He is my Father and He listens to every whisper that I pray. I am excited to start my new journal for 2008 and watch what God will be doing in my life and others lives!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Is. . . .

CHRIST! God's loving and unselfish gift to the world. We celebrate the birth of the One that was sent to save the world.

Christmas is giving and caring and loving and kindness. Christmas is coming home from work early to start baking and making goodies to send to friends far away. Christmas is singing along with the music on the radio. Christmas is enjoying the lights on the tree. Christmas is going to your 8 year old grandson's program at school and being a proud grandma. Christmas is going to your 13 year old daughter's program at school and being a proud mom.

The gift of Jesus and the enjoyment of the simple things of this season -- that is Christmas.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Here!

Thank you dear friends for checking on me! I know I've been MIA for a while and it makes me feel good to know that I'm missed when I don't post.

I've started working 5 days a week now and seems like there aren't enough hours in the day! Today has been Christmas decorating day - the tree is up and looks so pretty. I also listed a few things in my new Prim Sisters Shoppe - Rustic Cottage Prims. Stop by and let me know what you think.

We had a few snow showers today. Lots of big fat flakes for a while but it didn't stick. However, made for a nice atmosphere while putting up the tree. Next week starts my Christmas baking. I have 5 boxes to get out in the mail so I'll be super busy. On top of that there are two programs at the school next week. So - if I'm MIA until next weekend you'll know why.

Hope you all are having a beautiful Lord's Day!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Small Town Living

The latest issue of Small Town Living is available online. Just click the picture above you'll be taken to the site where you can read online or download and print to enjoy later. Tina and Paul do such a fabulous job with this magazine. Each issue just gets better and better.

Hockinson Holiday Bazaar

What a great bazaar yesterday! I was up at 5 AM, out the door with Patricia at 6, stopped at Starbucks (a must that early in the morning), and we were set up by 8. We were lucky enough to be in the main commons area which was a lovely place with one wall of windows.

Just about the time the bazaar opened it started to snow great big fat flakes. What a perfect setting for Christmas. Luckily the snow didn't stick but it sure was pretty to watch. This is the best bazaar I've attended. It was so well thought out, organized, and very easy parking and access.

I am so happy with my sales - 59 bars of soap, a few room sprays, and some gift tags. I do have some Christmas pretties left over that I'll be putting in my Etsy shop and in my Prim Sisters Shoppe this next week.

I had so much fun - got to spend the whole day with my dear friend Patricia, met new friends, and bought a few treasures. It doesn't get much better than that!

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Cross In My Wallet

I was cleaning out my wallet and found this card that I've carried for years. I hadn't read it in a long time. I've moved it to different part of my wallet so that I can read it more often.

The Cross In My Wallet

I carry a cross in my wallet
A simple reminder to me
Of the fact that I am a Christian
No matter where I may be.

This little cross is not magic
Nor is it a good luck charm
It isn't meant to protect me
From every physical harm.

It's not for identification
For all the world to see
It's simply an understanding
Between my Savior and me.

Whenever I reach for my wallet
To bring out a card or key,
The cross is there to remind me
Of the price He paid for me.

It reminds me, too, to be thankful
For my blessings day by day
And to strive to serve Him better
In all that I do and say.

It's also a daily reminder
Of the peace and comfort I share
With all who know my Master
And give themselves to His care.

So, I carry a cross in my wallet
Reminding no one but me
That Jesus Christ is Lord of my life
If only I'll let Him be.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kinda Frustrated

I can make stuff all day long. I have ideas that run through my head all the time. The creating part isn't what frustrates me. It's the displaying part! I came home to practice my display for the bazaaar this Saturday. Well -- we're on version #2 and it's now 11 PM. Here's the first one (please ignore the mess in the background. My house looks like someone threw up a craft store in here! And remember this is my dining room table and I was too tired to remove the chairs):

Here's the revised version (I still have to add some candles and pillows):

I'm still not 100% happy but it's getting better. Suggestions?

Now I need to go take it all down so the cats won't get in it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a little after midnight and I'm waiting for the pumpkin pies to cool so I can cover them. I looked at the clock and realized that it is now Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful. First, and foremost, for Jesus Christ who took my sins upon His back, climbed on that cross, and died just for me so that I can have eternal life in heaven. Hallelujah!!!

I have two beautiful daughters and two of the most handsome grandsons. I love them with all my heart. We will all be together tomorrow for dinner at my house. I can't wait!

I am thankful for my dear brother and sister. They are 2000 miles away in Illinois and I miss them so much. Wish I could share this day with both of you!

I am thankful for all my wonderful friends -- those that are close, those that are far away, and those that I've never met in person but only on the internet. You are all such a blessing to me. You continually lift me up and make my heart sing!

I have been blessed with the loveliest home and a great job! God has blessed me with the ability to sew and craft -- my creative outlet that I need so much.

Thank you , thank you Father for all these wonderful blessings!!

I pray that you are surrounded by friends and family on this special day. Enjoy all the wonderful food! Have a wonderful day!

Love and blessings,

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Take This Test

My friend Darlene at Stover Lane always has the cutest things like this on her blog. I just love taking tests like this.

You Are a Realist

You don't see the glass as half empty or half full. You see what's exactly in the glass.
You never try to make a bad situation seem better than it is...
But you also never sabotage any good things you have going on.
You are brutally honest in your assessments of situations - and this always seems to help you cope.

Listen to the Experts

This lovely home that I live in has the nicest appliances, especially the oven. The only problem is that it is cooler than the actual temperature reading. I've lived here for 3 years and have always guessed that the temperature was about 15 degrees off. So when baking I always turn it up 15 degrees. And I oven process my soap so I'd do the same thing for that.
For years I've heard people say "get an oven thermometer". I just kind of pooh poohed the whole idea and kept guessing at what the temperature of my oven was. A couple of weeks go I was watching Food Network - my favorite channel - and one of the experts said that an oven thermometer is necessary if you bake a lot. She said that she was shocked that when her oven said it was preheated it was only about 250 degrees. WELL -- if someone on Food Network said I should have an oven thermometer then I better get one.

I was out shopping today for Thanksgiving and regular shopping. I splurged and spent $6 on an oven thermometer! I was so excited I could hardly wait to get home to see what the results would be. Put that baby in the oven and set the temperature at 350 degrees. When the little beeper went off saying the oven was preheated I checked the thermometer. It was 175 degrees! It took a full 10 more minutes for the oven to get to 350 and then it consistently stayed at that temp.

So my oven wasn't off at all. It just wasn't preheated. I would stick the food in when the beeper went off and then it would take about half of the baking time to get to temp. That's why it always took longer for everything to bake! I learned my lesson. Listen to the experts!! They know what they're talking about.

Go get an oven thermometer! I'm off to bake chocolate chip cookies!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Encouraging Blogger Award

My new friend Deby at Apples of Gold awarded me with an award! Don't you just love getting awards? I do! I don't think a person can have too many or be encouraged too much. Especially women! We are so giving and so often don't get the recognition that we deserve. So thank you Deby! You are such a blessing and have made my day!

In thinking who to pass this award on to I had a hard time deciding. I have so many wonderful blogger friends who are so encouraging to me. But one special friend came to mind. She and I met in July 2005 on an online forum. We started emailing and have become the closest of friends. I have never met this lovely lady but we have talked many times on the phone and email almost every day. I feel like she is my biggest cheerleader. She is also straight forward with me and, when I ask her advice, she tells me the truth. I appreciate that so much.

This lovely lady is so talented. She has such a flair for decorating and her home is a sweet, welcoming place. I've only seen pictures but can't wait to visit in person. She is also a fabulous cook! The reason I know this is because she always tells me what she's been baking or cooking. She's also a great mom, who in later years in life, took on the responsibility of adopting two beautiful children into her family in addition to the other 5 children that she had already raised.

My dear friend lives on Old Crow Farm in Kansas and if you haven't guessed already it's Sher! You can visit her blog at Old Crow Farm. Sweetie, I am so blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for being such a great friend and such an encouragement to me. You deserve the Encouraging Blogger Award! Love you bunches!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From Shabby to Primitive

Have you ever heard that a person's taste in food changes every 7 years? I believe that because there are things I used to love to eat that I can't stand now. Is this statement also true of decorating taste?

I've been the ultimate cottage/shabby chic gal for the past 7 or 8 years now. Lots of pink and pastels, lots of roses and other flowers, white shabby furniture, etc. But for the past year or so I've started to be drawn to the primitive decorating style. Now I'm not the real hardcore primitive with all the dark, dark stuff. And those dolls with the really ugly faces - yuk! They scare me! I have to work myself into this slowly and don't think I'll ever go the extreme route.

But I love how the prim stuff makes your home feel -- lived in, cozy, comfortable, and inviting. I can still be a Rustic Cottage - in fact, rustic is the whole idea. It's fun to make primitive things too -- you don't have to be perfect (in fact, you shouldn't be) and that's right up my alley. I've been a prisoner of own perfectionist tendencies way too long! Here's a little prim pillow that I made this evening. It's going to be filled with saw dust (an idea from my friend Sher in KS - she's my primitive teacher) and will go in my bazaar booth. If it doesn't sell I have just the place for it in my home! I've still got to "grungy" it up to make it look old. But isn't it cute??

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

I miss my daddy today. I miss him more on Veteran's Day than I do any other day of the year. My daddy was a proud WWII veteran. He served in the Navy from 1943 until 1945 and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

Being a veteran was the proudest accomplishment of his whole life. He would talk about being in the Navy a lot and I loved hearing his stories when I was a little girl. They say that war changes a person. I know that it changed my daddy. There were certain things that would make him cry, even after all those years of the war being over. And he never could sit and watch a war movie. It just made him too nervous.

As I was watching TV this morning I saw WWII Vets who were visiting the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC. It was their first time seeing the memorial. Many proudly wore their uniforms, most had on VFW caps, and most all had tears in their eyes because they were overwhelmed.

All veterans are so special. They serve their country and fight so that we can live in a free country. I'm sure you know a vet. Have you thanked them for serving? I was thinking that I never did say thank you to my dad for serving. It's something that I never thought to do and now he's no longer here for me to do that. But I am going to write what I never got the chance to say.

Daddy, thank you for the sacrifice that you made all those years ago when you served in WWII. You left a new wife and a young son who was only 4 months old. When you came home your son was 2 years old. He didn't even know who you were because you had been gone so long. We will never know all the things that you saw or what you had to go through. But you went because it was the right thing to do. You were proud to fight and to serve. I will be forever grateful for your sacrifices so that your family can live in a free country. I love you with all my heart and miss you so much!

Thank you to all the veterans -- past and present! God bless you and God bless America!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wanna See My Soap?

I'm done!! The last batch is curing! Here's a little sample of my soap. I just listed these in my Etsy shop today. Enjoy!

Peach and Gardenia

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Citrus Basil

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Enjoying The Quiet

I just love this time of night. Everyone else is in bed and the house is so quiet. I can hear the clock ticking in the living room, the cat snoring on the bed, and I'm smelling the vanilla bean soap I just finished.

It is very cold and very foggy tonight. I walked out on my front porch and it was so much darker than normal. We live right outside of town and you can see the lights of the town from my porch. It is still very dark here at night, but when the fog covers up the town lights it is pitch black. Something about the thick fog even makes the outdoor sounds seem muffled. I'm just glad that I have nice warm house to sit in and don't have to be out driving.

I am off tomorrow! I only work 4 days a week and used to be off on Monday. That got switched last week so this will be my first Friday off. Not sure how I'm going to like it. I always enjoyed Monday off because it was pleasant to know that Sunday was not the last day of my weekend. There's just something about having to get up on Monday morning and go to work! Wish I could sleep in a little later tomorrow but have to get my daughter and my grandson off to school. Maybe after everyone is gone I can have a mid-morning nap?? That would be a lovely treat!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Still Making Soap

Sorry I've been MIA for a little while. I'm still making soap and have 7 more batches to get done this week. So far I've done Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Citrus Basil, and Blue Bonnet. On the list to get done is Lavender, Heirloom Rose, Peaches & Gardenia, Pink Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Green Tea & Willow, and Country Clothesline. Oh this house just smells so good! In about a week I'll have all these listed in my Etsy shop.

While the soap's curing I'll be doing room/linen sprays, body/linen sprays, and lotion bars. I think that will be about it. Then I need to start working on my display. My sweet friend in Kansas, Sher, is giving me lots of ideas for that. She's the queen of display and marketing! But she'd never admit that.

Our weather still continues to be gorgeous! Lots of sunshine and dry weather. I'm enjoying every minute of it. But clear days mean cold and frosty mornings. One day this past week it was 28 here -- brrr! That's ok. I'll take that over rain any day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Flower Are You?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

House Cleaning and Making Soap

I remember the days when I got my whole house cleaned in about 2 hours with energy to spare. Now it takes me about two hours, with the help of my daughter, and I'm worn out the rest of the day! Do you suppose it could be that the house has gotten bigger over the years or that I'm getting older and slower?? No matter -- my house is sparkling clean! The best part to me is when you're all done and you can stand back, look at the shiny clean surfaces, and feel a great sense of satisfaction.

I got a new toy yesterday! A soap cutter! This little baby is all stainless steel and will cut a perfect 1" bar of soap. I can't cut straight for the life of me. My bars of soap end up being bigger on one end or are all cockeyed. My new toy will alleviate that problem! And it will get good use in the next week or so as I have about 10 batches to do to get ready for a bazaar I'm in on December 1st. Plus lotion bars, milk bath, room spray, and anything else that I can fit in! Good thing I got the house cleaned because I don't here will be much of that going on until after the bazaar.

When I make soap I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning. I get all done mixing and pour it in the mold, cover it, and then try to wait. Last night before I went to bed I just had to take a peek to see what was going on under that blanket on my dining room table. It was still very hot but was in the gel phase so I knew that things were going as they should. This morning I had to take another peek. The soap was much cooler and starting to look solid. When I get home tonight I'll probably be able to unmold it and then use my new cutter. I can hardly wait! This batch is oatmeal, milk & honey and smells sooooo good! I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Full Moon

It is a full moon tonight! The closest that the moon will be to the earth and the largest moon in 2007 -- the Hunter's Moon. As I was driving home from work tonight I could see this beautiful white moon in the sky and it wasn't even dark yet.

I did not take this picture -- it's one I found on the internet. The real moon in my SW WA sky is much more beautiful tonight. It shines it's bright light across the Fall landscape. There is a slight wind tonight and the leaves dance across the big empty field in front of my house highlighted by the moonlight.

As the dark evening progresses I can watch this moon as it moves across the sky. If I look out my back door about 11 PM it will be visible behind my house and shining brightly into the woods and across the back field. If I turn off all the lights in the house I have moonlight dancing across my kitchen floor as the light comes through the skylight.

If you can, go peek out your door tonight. See this beautiful moon that God created just for our pleasure and to light out way on a dark Fall evening.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cuddly Pink Socks

Someone lovely visited my blog -- she lives on Stover Lane. Her blog is also called Stover Lane . This sweet lady randomly found my blog on the day I had posted about the song "It Is Well With My Soul". On that day she needed to read the words of that song -- God led her here for that very reason! And in His divine way God led both of us to visit sweet Jayedee's blog --Life In The Lost World. Jayedee recently hosted a sock swap and, as we signed up for the swap, we were paired with a partner. Darlene and I were partners for the sock swap!! What are the chances of that happening -- another God thing! We were both so excited when we realized that. But not as excited as I was when I went to the mailbox yesterday to find these cuddly, pink socks. Have I mentioned that pink is my favorite color?? I also got a red rhinestone encrusted writing pen!! How cool is that?? Perfect for when my diva side emerges! I love everything!! Darlene, you are the best!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Sister Wants Fame

I have one sister who is three years younger than me. Her name is Diana and she is lucky enough to still live in our hometown -- although she doesn't see it that way! Guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. She lives there and wishes she didn't. I live out here in WA and wish I lived there! She keeps emailing me and telling me to mention her in my blog. Here you go sweetie -- you got your wish!

Diana is a late bloomer. While the rest of us have been on the internet for a long time, Diana is just dipping her toes into the "virtual water". It is great because now I get email from her! I sent her a link to my blog, which she just loves, and is now thinking of starting her own blog. Now if I could just get her to figure out eBay she'd be all set!

My growing up years with Diana were interesting, to say the least. Diana likes girly things now but as a child she was the tom boy. I was the "diva" as she likes to call me. I was the one who wanted to stay in the house, play with dolls, paint my fingernails, and not get dirty.

Our daddy was a blacksmith by trade. He had a shop that had a dirt floor. When Diana was a pre-schooler, and Mother worked, Daddy would take Diana to the shop with him. Diana would spend the day playing on the dirt floor. By the time she came home she would be black with dirt -- all you could see were her eyes. I, being the diva, did not want to be near her or touch her when she was covered in all that dirt. She would know that and make every effort to get near me, touch me, and chase me around threatening to touch me.

Diana is the baby of the family. To say that my sister was spoiled -- well I'll be nice. She was the cutest child -- one of those chubby little kids that you just wanted to squeeze! She had hair so blond it looked white, big blue eyes, and everyone was just enamored with her. She was quite good at throwing tantrums to try and get her way (she usually succeeded). Every year on the first day of school Mother would take us out in the side yard to get a picture. One other school tradition that Mother had was giving us home permanents. I don't think there's one first day of school picture where we didn't have fuzzy hair! I was in the third grade and Diana was starting kindergarten. I don't remember exactly what Diana got mad about but she was having no part of the picture taking for some reason. Mother begged and begged her to have her picture taken. Just about the time that Mother got ready to snap the picture Diana turned her back! So we have this nice first day of school picture with me facing the camera and Diana standing with her back turned and her arms folded across her chest!

My sister and I always fought like cats and dogs. We spent most of our childhood and our adult years being angry or jealous of each other. Then in 2003, when my dad passed away, something changed. As we were leaving the funeral dinner my sister looked at my brother and I and said "Please don't forget me. Please don't lose touch with me." Both of our parents were gone now and we realized that the three of us were all that was left. At that very moment I felt God saying to me "you need to change your attitude towards your sister." All the years of anger and jealousy melted away. I was determined to have a close relationship with my sister for the rest of our lives and try to make up for lost time. She needs me and I need her. After God, our families are the most important things that we have. I love my sister very deeply and am so grateful that we are now friends.

A special note to my dear sister because I know you're going to read this. I love you with all my heart and am so glad that you're in my life!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Autumn Memories

When I was a small girl growing up in Illinois we had a very large yard with lots and lots of big trees. In the Fall the yard would be full of fallen leaves. It was a family affair for all of us to help rake leaves. We'd work part of the day raking huge piles of leaves in the yard. Then my sweet daddy would let my sister and I (and any neighborhood kids) play in the leaves. What a time we'd have making tunnels in the piles, running and jumping in them, building forts and having pretend wars.

After we were all done playing Daddy would have to start raking again! But he never complained about it -- he enjoyed seeing us have so much fun. Then, as it would come on late afternoon, the leaves got moved to the ditch by our house to be burned. How much fun that was! Daddy would start the fires and then we'd ride our bikes in the street through the smoke. The smell of burning leaves was wonderful!

There are so few places that will let you burn leaves anymore. Too worried about air pollution or some such thing. Four years ago I made a trip back home in October. It had been many years since I'd been home in the Fall. I was driving through the little town I grew up in and smelled this very familiar scent. Someone was actually burning leaves! I had to drive down the street until I could find where they were burning. The sight and the smell brought back a wonderful flood of childhood memories!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Church In The Car

I love Friday!! It's my last day of work for three whole days. I get to be at home taking care of my house, being with my Stephany, and maybe even cooking or baking. I was feeling especially cheerful about Friday and decided to treat myself to a Revved Up Frozen Mocha coffee drink on the way. Of course, I have my favorite station I have to go to and it is a little out of my way. But that's ok -- I decided to take the scenic route home and enjoy my mocha.

I'm driving along, listening to the local Christian music station, and enjoying my drink. Several good songs came on -- "Amazing Grace" (a new arrangement that is wonderful -- sorry I can't remember the artist) and then "Shackles". Well that one really got me going because it is gospel -- happy, hand clappin, foot stompin gospel!! Driving, singing to my Lord, raising one hand in praise (I kept the other on the wheel), and feeling so blessed! The Holy Spirit was in the passenger's seat and we were having church!!! What a wonderful way to start my weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Away Too Long

Eight days is way too long to be away from my blog! Don't exactly know what kept me away. I haven't been that busy but still trying to get over this flu. I'm feeling fine but can't get rid of the cough. By the time the work week is over I'm dragging.

Last Sunday and Monday I didn't get dressed until way late in the afternoon. I was really lazy both days and I don't like it when I'm like that. Then Monday night I had to start playing catch up with the laundry, picking up the house, etc.

Fall is finally here in all its glory! The leaves are turning and starting to fall off the trees. We had rain for about two weeks straight but it has been dry for the past two days. And by Sunday it's supposed to be 70. That will be the perfect day to go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors. It rains so much here in the winter that we have to take advantage of every dry day we can.

Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful Fall days! God bless!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I had the day off again today. I just can't seem to get over this flu bug. The congestion just keeps hanging on. I went to the doctor and finally got some antibiotics. Hope that by the weekend I'm feeling better.

I started an online accounting class about three weeks ago. It's something I've been wanting to do forever. It's wonderful to be able to go to class in my pj's if need be! I've kept books for years but always on computer software. With this class I'm learning how to do books by hand and it sure helps you to learn the "why" of accounting. I got behind on one lesson when I was sick so had to get that made up today and take the quiz. Then the regular lesson was ready today so I worked on that tonight and took the quiz. I had two hours of homework today!

My beloved Chicago Cubs are in the playoffs! Tonight was the first game and they lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have been a Cub fan my whole life. And that means I have suffered through every season my whole life. They have not been in a World Series game since 1945 and have not won a World Series since 1908!! If you're a Cub fan you're familiar with the saying "There's always next year." Could this be that "next year"? I hope with all my heart!!! But I suffered so through this first game that I don't know what I'll do if they actually make it to the Series. Another game tomorrow night -- I'm praying for a win!

Better get to bed. It's back to work tomorrow for this gal!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hi Honey! I'm Home!

If you went to visit me at WordPress you probably read that I'm moving back here! I apologize for all the confusion. I wanted to try something new. I did that by moving my blog to WordPress but it just never felt right to me.

So I've moved back home to Blogger and that's where I'm staying. It's the last move -- I promise!!!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Feels Like Fall!

It's a rainy, cool, and overcast day here on the western side of the Cascades. Certainly feels like Fall to me! I love these kinds of days. Guess I've lived here long enough that I crave the rain after a while. But then ask me if still feel that way when March arrives and it will be a whole different story.

Since I'm in the Fall mood I decided to start adding some items to my Etsy shop. My lotion bars don't ship well in the summer due to the heat so I usually wait until September 1st to start offering them again. But I just couldn't wait.

I've also got lots and lots of Fall and Halloween items in the works plus new Autumn soap and linen spray scents. One of the things that I'm working on is primitive candy corn bowl fillers or ornies. These cuties will be made from muslin, hand stuffed, hand painted, and grunged up with coffee & cinnamon. I may have to add some glitter too! That's the only secret I'm letting out. You'll have to come back to see what else I'm working on.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Local Beauty

Look at this local produce! Isn't it pretty? I went for a short drive this afternoon with Missy (Daughter #1) and Christien (Grandson #2). We stopped by a local farm to get tomatoes but I ended up getting peppers and cucumbers too. The yellow squash is from Missy's garden. The farm that we visited has over 2000 tomato plants. I'll definitely be going back for more. They had lots of Roma tomatoes and I have dreams of canning fresh salsa, spaghetti sauce and who knows what else!

Tonight's supper will be stuffed peppers, fresh tomatoes, and pickled cucumbers. YUM!

I hope that you're all having a blessed and restful Sunday. Lots of hugs to you!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My First Award

I got a Nice Matters Award from my dear friend Sue at Country Pleasures . Thank you so much!! I am so honored (blushing).

Quoting from the person that started this lovely award: "This award will be given to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

Nice does matter! I wish I could list everyone because I have so many favorites. But today I'm honoring these 7 nice people. Be sure to click on the link to visit their blogs.

Jenny at Aunt Jenny's World
Beth at Bliss N Blossom Farm
Tina Michelle at Garden Goose
Tracey at On The Shores of Carpenter Creek
Shari at Shari's Gone Country
Mikki Jo at Strawberries n Apronstrings
Kathy at KT Knits

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Verse A Day

When I added the Verse A Day to my blog I did it as an encouragement for those visiting. I'm so used to it being there that I don't look at it as often as I should. But the last couple of days I've read it and have been so blessed.

I love today's verse so much. "I waited patiently for the Lord ; he turned to me and heard my cry." Psalm 40:1 (NIV) Those that know me well know that I am not a patient person (Daughter #1 will read this and have a good chuckle over that statement!). I want it and I want it now! Sometimes that is how I lay my requests before the Lord. I tick off this list of things, say I'm praying for His will to be done, and before I've even said amen I'm wondering how long it will be before I get what I prayed for. I have struggled for years and years with this. But I discovered that when I pray and take my eyes off of the "things" to focus on God, it isn't so hard to wait! Everyone says that your spiritual walk is a process and lasts for your whole life. That is so true! I learn something new each day and mature a little more each day. By God's grace I'm learning to wait patiently.

The second part of this verse -- "he turned to me and heard my cry" -- just brings tears to my eyes. It is very humbling to me to think of my heavenly Father turning to me; bending his ear to hear my cries!! He will do this for every person that cries out to Him!! What a blessing!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Winner Is. . . .

Gateway Girl!!!

Congratulations! Send me an email with your address and I'll get the book and soap sent right off.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

If I Could Just Fix It

My heart is hurting so badly tonight. Today Daughter #1 and her husband told my little 8 year old grandson that they are getting a divorce. My little guy was so devastated. His mom said that he just shook his head and said "no, no, no" then cried and cried.

I adore both of my grandsons but this little guy is so sensitive. He feels hurt so deeply and when he's upset his big blue eyes just fill up with tears. Then they just spill over onto his cheeks. I've never been able to stand it when he cries. He know that's one way to melt his Nana's heart.

Every time I think of him being in so much pain I just want to be able to fix it. I don't want him to hurt so much. I wish I could take the hurt for him but I can't.

I have been praying for him all day long. I know that time will lessen the pain but it will never completely go away. I just wish I could hug him and hug him to make it all better. And when I see him I will do just that. It may not make the pain better but he will know I love him.

My God is in control of this situation as he is in every part of our lives. I know that he will comfort my little guy and draw close. That is the part that always make it easier to walk through these hard times. God is the one true constant -- he will never change, he will never leave, and he loves my little guy more than I ever could.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Love My Blogging Friends

I now have a whole list of blogs that I feel compelled to read each night before bed. It's like checking on my favorite friends each evening. I love blogs. It gives us all a glimpse into each other's lives.

I have so many wonderful friends that I've made online the past couple of years. Most of them are my Farmgirl friends from the forum at MaryJane's Farm. I consider these gals as close a friends as my friends that live in the same town. In fact, some of these gals are kinder and more accepting than some of the friends I see all the time.

Each night I check to see what' s been happening during their day. I love seeing the pictures of homes, farms, gardens, projects, and families. I love hearing about quilts being made, jam being put up, what the children have been doing, and on and on.

I couldn't think of a more pleasant way to end each day!! Thanks to all of you for sharing your lives!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mommy Daughter Afternoon

Daughter #2 and I had a fun afternoon. I decided this morning that we needed a little pampering -- called to make appointments for us for a pedicure at the local beauty school.

Not quite a fancy as a spa but our toes look nice and we got two pedicures for the price of one!

These cute toes belong to Daughter #2. I snapped this picture with my phone while we were doing some grocery shopping. She was not too happy about having a pic taken of her feet. Oh to be young again and have thin ankles!

Blog Giveaway!

All of these goodies can be yours just for leaving a comment on my blog! I'll leave the giveaway open until August 5th at 6 PM and then draw a name!

Just in time for harvest season is a Kerr Home Canning and Recipe Booklet from the 70's. After you're done harvesting you'll need to get the garden dirt off your hands -- my Gardener's Peppermint Scrub Soap will be perfect for that. Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook will give you ideas for preparing all those delicious foods from the garden.

So get busy, leave a comment, and come back on Sunday at 7 PM to see if you won!!

The Command Post

I talk so much about my front porch that I figured it was time that I posted a picture of part of it! This is the place were I sit every morning to have my coffee and enjoy the new day. Sometimes I'm there in the afternoon to enjoy the cool breeze. I sit and read, stitch, or just watch the many birds in the big open field in front of my house. In the late evening I'm here to rejoice in the cooling of the day and watch the beautiful sunsets. My family, lovingly and jokingly, refers to this space as "Mom's Command Post".

I've had the rocker for about 5 years now. When Daughter #1 owned her store we had a lady come in to consign the rocker. I feel in love with it! She wanted a purse so we bartered. I sewed a purse for her and carried the rocker home in my car.

Last Saturday was a major garage sale day in our little town. I saw the little wicker table and knew it needed a home beside my rocker. Now my little spot is just about perfect. All it needs is a plant for the table.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Wanna A Cool Blog Banner

I'm whining today. Today is day #5 of the mega antibiotics for the staph infection which has in turn caused other infections that I've had to take more pills for. All of these chemicals in my system are making me feel whiny, to say the least. But the staph infection is better. And I only have 4 more days of antibiotics and then I can start a major detox of my system.

Sorry -- I got off on a tangent! I'm whining because I want a cool blog banner. All the other gals have them (more whining). Dear Tracey from Carpenter Creek gave me some cool pictures for my other blog The Rustic Cottage. Thanks Tracey!! She's the banner and picture queen extraordinaire.

But I need something for this blog. If I could figure out how to make my own I'd have a new one on a regular basis. But I can't. I downloaded a free trial of Photo Shop. Well DUH! I could barely figure out how to open the program. So that one got deleted. I've tried Front Page but can't get that one to work either. What I need is a program that will let me manipulate pictures (more whining). I'm usually not one to let computer programs stump me. I'll keep trying until I figure it out. It's either old age or I'm lazy -- I'm perfectly willing to let someone else figure this one out and then tell me how to do it.

I know in the grand scheme of things this really isn't important. However, a girl does want her home on the web to look good.

On another note -- I'm getting better at text messaging! Read about that adventure here. An Old Dog Tries to Text Message

Okay, I'm done whining now.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I love this name! It was my maternal grandmother's name and it means "grace". All of my childhood memories are filled with time spent with her doing simple every day things. She didn't buy me many toys, games, candy, or other things. She gave me her time. Time spent learning homemaking skills -- cooking, doing laundry, sprinkling clothes to get ready to iron, and then teaching me how to iron. That was how she made extra money for herself. My grandmother took in other people's ironing. It would be a whole process back in the 50's -- the days before permanent press fabrics. Everything had to be ironed. Granny would lay a plastic tablecloth down on the kitchen table, fill the old RC pop bottle with warm water, then put on the sprinkler top. I'd get to help her sprinkle the clothes. Then we'd roll them up tight like sausages, put them in a plastic bag, and stick them in the refrigerator. That way the clothes wouldn't get sour before we were ready to iron the next morning. The next morning it would be off to the back room to get the ironing done before the day got hot. As Granny would iron I'd color, read a book, and listen to her hum or whistle while she worked. She was joyful in the task she was performing.

This morning I was reading a Bible study profile of a woman named Anna. Her short story is in Luke 2:36-38. The first part of the profile reads:

"Anna got up and put on her clothes. God had given her another day of life -- another day to worship him and to pray! She was the most fortunate woman she knew. What would he tell her today? Whom would she meet in the temple? Every day was an adventure. Anna loved God, and she loved life!"

Anna was 87 years old. She was a prophetess who spent day and night at the temple. She worshipped God and waited for the arrival of the Messiah. She had been married for 7 years when her husband died and then never remarried. The rest of her days were spent in service to the Lord. This Anna was joyful in the task she was performing too!

As I read this passage this morning my first thought was that I want to be that joyful. Just to be happy for another day given to me by God. Another day to worship him and to pray! When my focus is on those two things the rest of my day will be great!

Now I have another reason to love the name Anna. When I think of that name each morning it will remind of this faithful woman who loved God and loved life! It will remind me to open my eyes and be excited that God has given me another day of life!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where Have I Been??

Boy, a whole week has gone by and I haven't posted a thing. Where have I been? What's been going on? Well -- not much. Just doing the usual work thing Tuesday through Friday. I have a nasty staph infection which I got medicine for on Thursday. The medicine is so strong that it makes me feel worse than the infection! But I have to take it so I will deal with it. The staph would be worse -- especially since it could kill me. Not a good thing!

I've been running Daughter #2 around all over the place. Teenagers sure do keep you busy. I keep trying to tell her that we're trying to conserve gas, not see how much more we can use. But since we live outside of town and all her friends live in town -- therein lies the problem. For the first time I said I'd be glad when she finally got her driver's license. Then again????

Daughter #2 surprised me this week. I keep going along praying for her daily, trying not to pull my hair out at times, telling myself that this too shall pass. Actually it's not all that bad. She's a really good kid. Just sassy like her momma! She's had this "boyfriend" for about 3 months. Actually it's a nice young man from Utah that she talks to on the phone and emails. She's never met him but he's still her boyfriend, or so she says. Now before anyone has a fit about this just know that I've checked him out, talked to both of his parents, etc. I'm a very protective parent.

Yesterday she calls me at work to tell me that she thinks she's going to break up with this young man. I was the first one that she called and she actually asked for my advice -- go figure! She said that she liked him as a friend but just didn't want to be involved with any boys for a long, long time. She just wanted to hang out with her girl friends. I told her that I felt the first thing she should do is to pray that God would give her the right words to say and then pray for the young man. Ask that God would comfort him as he was going to be sad. Daughter #1 says "That's really good advice Mom. I'm going to go pray and will call you later." Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. She said I gave her good advice! Is it possible that she's beginning to think I'm not so bad after all?

Anyway, the break up went well. She and the young man are still friends and she says she feels good about the way she handled the conversation. Darn -- I must be starting to get through to her!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Garden

My paternal grandmother had this picture of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane hanging on the wall in her guest bedroom. I can remember spending the night in that room when I was a little girl. In the morning I would roll over and this picture was what I would see. I was so fascinated by it. A peaceful picture of Jesus kneeling in prayer.

Last night in my devotions I read Matthew 26:36-46 -- the account of Jesus in the garden. What the Bible says presents a very different picture than the one here. When Jesus went to the garden he took three of his disciples with him. He began to be sorrowful and troubled. In Matthew 26:38 it says "Then he said to them, "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me."

I tried to imagine what it would feel like to have your soul be that sorrowful. I have known sorrow in my life but never like that. Jesus was human. He knew what lay ahead. And the human side of him did not want to have to go through it. Verse 39 says "Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, "My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will."

Luke 22:44 says "And being in anguish he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground."

The peaceful picture does not show this anguish. How hard would a person have to pray to even sweat, much less have it be as drops of blood? My heart was so burdened by what I read. It hurt me to think that Jesus was so sorrowful, that he did not want to be beaten, mocked, and then hung on a cross to die. But even as sorrowful as he was he was in complete obedience to his Father's will. Why would he go through this?? Why would he be so obedient??

For me! For you! He did it for the whole world! He took our sins on his shoulders, carried them to the cross, and shed His blood for us. And the remarkable thing is that if I was the only person in the whole world He would still have obeyed His Father's will and would have died just for me. I am so grateful for that.

Oh Lord, that I could be like you and be so obedient!! That is my prayer today!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Joyful Things

I'm joyful for this beautiful day even though it was close to 100 again.

I'm joyful that it's cooling off tonight and there is a nice breeze blowing through the windows.

I'm joyful that Stephany did all her chores on the list today without even having to be told. She was so excited that she called me at work to tell me. I told her how proud I was of her. And when I came home from work I made sure to tell her how wonderful the house looked!

I'm joyful that I have a job to go to every day where the people are pleasant to work with and the atmosphere is low key.

I'm joyful that I had an air conditioned office to work in today.

I'm joyful that God loves me no matter how many times I mess up every day.

I'm joyful that I have a nice car to drive so that I can go pick Stephany up from youth group at church -- it's 8:30 and I'm supposed to be there right now.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Different Direction

It's time for my blog to take a different direction. In fact, it's time for me to take a different direction. I have used this place to share my joys and my frustrations. I have used my blog to share about my family and friends. But, in all of this, my blog has not been what I would really want it to be -- a place of peace and encouragement to others.

Last night I came across a blog that I feel has totally changed my life. Lives of Simplicity It was as if the Lord was speaking directly to me through this beautiful lady's writing. She has a large family and takes joy in her husband, children, and her home. Her blog is a place where she shares her faith and encourages other women through her writing and a study called Home MAKING.

For so many years I have felt burdened by my life, my family, and taking care of my home. Housework was something that I dreaded and it made me mad to have to do it. My family was an imposition on my time! I have not put Jesus, my family, or my home as first in my life. That's the way it should be!

It will be a long slow process to repair the damage that I've done to the relationships with my family. Luckily it is an instant process to repair my relationship with Jesus. All I had to do is repent and ask for forgiveness! Done, forgotten, and a clean slate is started!! How wonderful if everything could be that easy and that rewarding.

I want this blog to become a place of encouragement, peace, and learning for all those that visit! I'm building a "new" cottage -- please come back often to see the progress!


Monday, July 9, 2007

One Hundred and What????

102 -- that't the forecast high for tomorrow! Our average high is 76 for this time of year and we usually don't see triple digits but about once every 4 or 5 years. It's not unusual for mid-90's in late July or early August. We are lucky enough to have air conditioning but many people here don't.

I moved to Washington in 1985. Coming from Illinois, where the summers are hot and the humidity high, one of the first things you ask about a place is if it has air conditioning. When my prospective landlady told me that most people around here didn't have it because it wasn't needed, I couldn't believe it. The second thing you ask, especially if the place is out of town a ways, is if there are problems getting out in the winter. I asked that question because, at the time, the place I was renting was surrounded by empty fields, a barn, and many cows. I did not know that Vancouver, WA rarely gets snow. The lady looked at me like she was ready to call the white coat guys to come and haul me away.

In my defense, the first winter I was here we had a major snow storm of 4 inches -- at least that was major for here.

Now how did I get off on the snow thing when I'm supposed to talking about the impending heat? Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Happy 4th of July! Don't you just love this holiday? I do!! It's just a happy, cheerful day with the red, white, and blue colors. Not to mention the grand finale to end this special day - fireworks!

But it's so much more than that. It is the birth of our country. Our day of independence. No matter what we say about the situations in our country, it is still the best place to live on earth. We are free here!

Thank you to the many who have, and are, serving in our Armed Forces so that I can enjoy this freedom! Thank you to those that gave their lives for my freedom!

God Bless America!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Beautiful Summer Day

What a gorgeous summer day today! Got up this AM to a warm morning with just a hint of a breeze. I played around with the flowers on my front porch for a while -- deadheaded, watered and fertilized them. I planted red geraniums, white verbena, and blue lobelia this year for a patriotic porch! This is an old enamelware canning kettle that I got at an estate sale last year. I was going to use it when canning but it's too big to fit on my stove. So it went to the shed for the winter. When I was getting ready to plant I found it, drilled holes in the bottom and it was ready for my pretty flowers. Hung a load of towels on the line then went into town for a while. I got a couple of basil plants, cucumber starts, and two tomato plants. This weekend the little garden area in the back will get planted. I wasn't going to plant anything this year but the warm weather and sunshine made me decide differently. Plus there's nothing better than fresh basil and pasta!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A MeMe

I got this MeMe from my friend Jenny. Visit her blog at Aunt Jenny's World.
Feel free to copy and add your own info. A link back to my blog would be appreciated!

1)Color: Pink
2)Food: Hot homemade bread with real butter
3)Musical Group: Don't Have A Favorite
4)Song Right Now: “Wonder” by Kelli Pickler
5)Movie: You’ve Got Mail
6)Sport: Baseball
7)Season: Spring
8)Day of the Week: Monday -- my day off
9)Ice Cream Flavor: Butter Pecan
10)Person: Both of my daughters

1)Current Mood: Happy
2)Current Scent: Rose
3)Current Clothes: Black capris, blue top, sandals
4)Current Desktop: Yellow tulips
5)Current Ringtone on Cell Phone: Fur Elise
6)Current Music: local country station
7)Current Time: 10:35 am Pacific
8)Current Surrounding: Sitting in my office – slow work day
9)Current Event Happening Today: Work

1)First Best Friend: Marcia Clark
2)First Kiss: Lowell Hettick when I was 8
3)First Screen Name: kayb528
4)First Pet: my dog Penney (cocker spaniel)
5)First Piercing: My ears at 15 (only piercing)
6)First Crush: Lowell Hettick
7)First Music: the Beatles
8)First Car: a '65 Pontiac Bonneville (BIG car)

1)Last Class: dont remember…LONG time ago
2)Last Drink: Coffee w/ hazelnut creamer
3)Last Trip: To Moscow, ID
4)Last Kiss: Don’t remember
5)Last Movie Seen at the Theater: Pirates of the Carribean III w/ my grandson Christien
6)Last Phone Call: Daughter Missy at 10:45 am
7)Last CD Played: Point of Grace

1)Have you ever dated one of your best guy friends? no
2)Have you ever broken the law? Yup
3)Have you ever been arrested? No
4)Have you ever skinny-dipped? Yes - still like to do it
5)Have you ever been on TV? Yes
6)Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know? Yes

1) 1 thing you’re wearing: rosy pink toenail polish..none on my fingernails
2)1 thing you’ve done today: typed a letter
3)1 thing you’re bothered by: spiders
4)1 thing you can’t live without: Morning coffee w/ hazlenut creamer
5)1 thing you do when you’re bored: eat

1) England
2) Ireland
3) Italy
4) Texas

1) Elodie
2) Patricia
3) Missy

1)Black or White? Black
2)Hot or Cold? Cold

Have my own homebased business so I don’t have to work for someone else!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No Wonder Babies Get Cranky. . .

when they get their shots! I went for a complete physical on Tuesday. Since I hadn't had a tetanus booster for about 20 years my doctor insisted I have one. Man! I have been feeling sick for two days! Yesterday I woke up with a horrible headache and just felt blah all day. Came home from work at 4 and went to bed. This morning I woke up to a sore arm and the soreness even went up into my neck. I stayed home from work and have slept off and on all day. I've had a taste of what little ones go through when they get their immunizations - not fun!

There's not much to report because I haven't really done anything for two days. We've had beautiful weather for 3 days in a row. But it's supposed to be raining again by the weekend. Typical June weather on the west side of WA!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Never Mind!

Yes I know I change my mind alot! Thought Word Press would be easier for me -- NOT!! So forget I said anything about changing. I'm staying here!

Monday, June 11, 2007

An Old Dog Tries to Text Message

I used to think I was pretty savvy when it came to technological things. I taught myself word processing and other computer related things. When we got our first computer at home I was the one that set it up, then taught everyone in the house how to use it. I've always been the one in the office that everyone comes to when they can't get the computer, copier, or some other piece of office equipment to work. I am an inquisitive person and love to learn new things. I pride myself with being able to stick with something until I've figured out how to do it.

Now comes the era of text messaging on your cell phone. I watch these teens who have grown up with technology use their thumbs to type messages at a rate faster than the speed of light. How do they do that? I try to be cool and send a text message which takes me about 10 minutes to type one sentence! When texting you have to press each key on the phone until you get the letter you want in the message. Half the time I've got the message part way done and realize that I haven't pressed fast enough so the message looks like jibberish. I have to go the clear key to backspace to the mistake then start all over again! Then there's something that Grandson #1 tried to teach me about a setting on my phone that will put a word in if I type the first letter. Supposed to make my texting go faster -- NOT!! All the while, Daughter #2 and Grandson #1 are rolling on the floor in fits of laughter at my attempts to message.

Last night I signed our family up for a family share plan with unlimited text messaging. All of the people that have phones on our plan are over the age of 20 so we are all text impaired. Did I think that maybe just by signing up it would be make things easier and we'd all be text wizards?

This morning Daughter #1 calls me because she wants to download a new ring tone to her phone. You have to send a text message in order to do that. She and I are on the land line with our cell phones in front of us and I'm trying to walk her through how to do the text message. We get to the part where you have to enter a "1". In text mode when you push the one you don't get a one. You get all different kinds of punctuation marks. Daughter #1 asks if Daughter #2 (who is the text queen) is awake. I say no but am thinking of waking her so she can help us figure out this stupid text thing. Then Daugher #1 figures out that if you hold down the "1" you actually get the number one! We've made progess. The ring tone starts to download and then it says you have to click a link to get the tone. How in the world do you click on a link with your cell phone?

We both gave up. The ring tone is downloaded in the in box on her phone and we'll wait until Daughter #2 wakes from blissful slumber to get us out of this text nightmare.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Evening

I'm having writer's block. I can't even really think of a good title for this post except "Sunday Evening". Maybe it's because not much has been going on lately. Daughter #1 is on the mend. I took her to the bank yesterday -- first time out since surgery. I told her she walked like a 90 year old woman. As Grandson #2 and I are trotting out to the car I yell over my shoulder "Hurry up Grandma!" We all got tickled about that, especially Daughter #1. Today I went over to feed the animals and made a pot of potato soup. It was yummy good and enough leftovers for her to eat off of for a couple of days. We watched "Marie Antoinette". If you haven't seen it please don't waste your money. A totally weird and boring movie.

Daughter #2 is back to her charming 13 year old self after her shots last week. Don't know what they put in those shots but she's been especially charming all week. No sullen attitude, no sassiness, she's been helpful around the house -- almost like another child invaded her body! Actually she's not that bad, she's just 13!

I had big plans to get lots done around the house. We woke up yesterday to one of those chilly, rainy June days in the Pacific NW. The kind of day that makes you sleepy and all you want to do is snuggle under a blanket on the couch. And that's exactly what I did! Gave myself permission to take the day off. Sure felt good!

More later! Time for bed!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Noodled Out!

I wore myself out with the noodles. I'm too tired to write much tonight. But Daughter #1 is feeling much better today. Could it have been the chicken and noodles?? I called earlier this morning and her husband said she was blow drying her hair. That's a sure sign that she's on the mend. Daughter #2 was under the weather today. She had three booster shots at the doctor yesterday and felt really bad. Didn't feed her noodles. We had Stouffer's Mac n Cheese -- major comfort food!

Night everyone! More tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


All I wanted to do was make a simple pot of chicken and noodles for Daughter #1 who is recovering from surgery. I thought while I was at it I'd make a pot for myself and Daughter #2. I've tried my hand at making my own noodles but they always turn out so tough that you could re-sole a pair of shoes with them. I've been using some frozen noodles called Grandma's that I get at Albertsons. My granny made the best homemade noodles in the world -- she's probably turning in her grave at the thought of me using frozen!

I made my list, checked it twice, and was off to Albertson's after work to get the ingredients. Got to the freezer case and no noodles. Not even the other popular brand that I feel isn't up to my discriminating noodle taste (I am desperate at this point so any would do). I march up to the customer service desk and the nice lady informs me that they no longer carry frozen noodles of any kind. I'm sure the look on my face was nasty as she backed up about a foot behind the counter. Out to the car I went and headed for Safeway. I just knew they'd at least have the other brand and I was getting desperate as it was approaching 5:00. Guess what? Safeway doesn't carry frozen noodles anymore either!! In this fast paced, pre-packaged world these two stores now expect me to start making homemade?? See the previous comment about shoe repair.

I had one last store to try before I gave up. Called Daughter #1, told her I was on a noodle hunt and on my way to the third store. She said "Mom why don't you just use the ones out of the bag." Good Lord! You don't take a sick person chicken and noodles made from bagged noodles. Frozen maybe, but not bagged. Made it to Fred Meyer's, hit the frozen food section, and there was a whole freezer case full of noodles! Hallelujah! I had struck gold -- on sale 2 for $4! Third store's a charm! Grabbed two bags and off I went to mother my sick child with "homemade" chicken and noodles.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


I didn't have much time on the front porch today. I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Patricia. I picked her up at 1:30 and off we went to a quilt show in Portland. Unfortunately after we were on the road we noticed the show was only open until 3. We took the wrong bridge, missed the exit, ended up in the Terwillger Curves on I-5 south, and had to drive for 3 miles to find an exit. We got turned around at 2:15, took the downtown Portland exit and made it to the quilt show at 2:30. One good thing about being that late is that we got free admission. It was a major decision as to whether to go see the quilts first or visit the vendor booths. Spending money won out and off we went to the vendor's area. I got two really cute patterns that contain an apron, table runner, placemats, and a wall hanging in each one -- all with a chicken theme. The designer is from Portland and the first thing I asked one of the gals in the booth was if the aprons would fit across the chest of a well-endowed person -- namely me. I make my own bib aprons but the bib is usually a little narrow. I'll be working around the house and look down to find one side of my chest hanging out the side of the apron! The designer happened to be in the booth and she said that she had designed them to fit those of us with an ample bosom. I looked over and saw that she was more well endowed than me! So I bought two patterns. Patricia got the neatest book about making quilted fabric postcards. We both bought kits and will start that project soon. I've been wanting to do those for a long time. I'll post pictures tomorrow of our quilt show finds. We finally ended up going to see the quilts at 2:55! Needless to say, it was a quick trip through the displays. But some of the quilts were just gorgeous. Wish we would have had longer but that's ok. There will always be more show to go to. It was a good afternoon spent with a good friend.

Porch Sitting

What a beautiful day in the PNW today! In fact, we've had a beautiful week. Lots of warm weather -- maybe a little too warm for me (I whine when it gets over 80) -- and sun, sun, sun. I hung towels out on the line. I can't wait to take my shower in the AM so I can dry off with one. They're rough but sure do smell great.

A lot of the rest of the day was spent doing some housework, sitting on the front porch, doing laundry, sitting on the front porch, more sitting on the front porch. Are you starting to see a pattern here? When summer comes my porch is where I spend lots and lots of time. All my flowers got planted last Sunday so I have lots of pretties to look at while I sit.

From my vantage point, i.e. my white wicker rocker, I can see all the happenings in the neighborhood. Watch lots of cars go by as we're on a main road, check out what the neighbors across the street are doing, and just generally be nosy. Got ready to go to the store for hazelnut creamer for my late afternoon decaf and there was a police car blocking the end of the road. No traffic could turn on the road in front of our house. This meant more sitting as I had to observe what was going on -- plus I couldn't go anywhere because the street was blocked! The neighbor down the road called me to say there had been an accident in front of her house. She had been talking to the police and filled me in on all the details.

I called Daughter #1 to make a report and she said I reminded her of my dad! He always used to sit on his porch and watch what was going on. He and my step-mom lived across the street from the Illinois State Fairgrounds. For the two weeks of State Fair every August my dad had lots to watch and lots to report on. In our weekly phone call I would get the low down. Once, while going to take the trash out late at night he stumbled across a couple of tipsy fairgoers laying in the backyard being very friendly with each other. Then there was the time he caught a guy going to the bathroom in the bushes in the backyard. All would be reported with lots of laughter. We heard these two particular stories over and over many times.

Daughter #1 is right -- I am like my dad! But couldn't think of anyone better to be like. Now if it wasn't so dark outside I'd go sit on the porch and see what was going on. That's the problem with living in the country -- no street lights! But there's always tomorrow!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you all had a very happy Mother's Day! I sure did! Got a $20 gift card for Fred Meyer (our local one stop shopping place) so I can get red geraniums for my front porch. I just dinked around most of the day -- did things I really enjoy. Hung sheets on the line, made some more foot bars, and then sewed up a gardening apron tonight. It turned out really cute. The highlight of my day was when Missy and my 8 yr old grandson Christien stopped by. Christien brought me a present that he wrapped himself. I just love that! It was an ice cream bowl that has liquid in between that you freeze to keep your ice cream cold -- like those cold mugs. We saw them at the Dollar Tree yesterday and I remarked how cool they were. Christien was so proud that he got that bowl for me. Plus I got a nice card from Missy and from Christien. I was thinking about my mother all day today and really missing her. She was such a pretty lady and I wish I had a picture of her to put on my blog. Unfortunately I don't have many family pictures -- lots of them got destroyed in a wet basement many years ago. My mom was one of those people that could do everything right -- fabulous cook, wonderful seamstress, great gardener. She taught me to sew and I did help her bake some when I was at home. But I could never make pies like she could. Her lemon meringue pie was the best! I was thinking that I don't even have a picture of my mother and I together. That is sad for me. So that makes me more determined to make sure I have lots of pictures of my girls and I together! It's getting late and it's back to work for me tomorrow. It's been a good day and I shall sleep soundly tonight!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Twinkle Toes

The pumice hand soap has turned into a foot scrub bar -- thanks to my talented and creative daughter's idea! It will be scented with peppermint and tea tree oil. I'm calling it "Twinkle Toes" (another thank you to my daughter). What a great way to be able to have nice soft summer-ready feet. So I've spent the morning working on soap labels. Then the creative juices really kicked in and I decided to make a mango butter foot bar to go with the soap. Gotta moisturize after you scrub, right? This is what happens to me. I had everything planned out to get busy sewing purses, got an idea for something new, and now I have a feeling the purses won't get started until tomorrow. If I just didn't have to work for a living I could get all this done before next weekend!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Soaping Weekend

I'm getting ready for an Herb Festival that I'm doing next weekend and decided I better get some soap done. I made a batch tonight scented with Green Tea & Willow fragrance. This is the second batch I've done with this scent and I just love it! The soap stays a beautiful white and the smell is heavenly. My whole house smells so good.

Tomorrow I'm going to try another batch of pumice hand soap. This one will be scented with Basil Lime. The last batch I did was a disaster. I added the pumice directly to the soap pot and it would not mix in no matter how much I stirred. When I cut the soap there were big pockets of pumice in the soap. I sent it to work with my husband to give away. This time I'll take out some soap, mix the pumice, then add to the pot.

Sunday will be Blue Bonnet. This is a fragrance I've had for a while and been wanting to use. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. In the middle of all this soapmaking I've also got to get some purses and aprons sewn up. The housework will have to be on the back burner for the next week. Oh well! Soapmaking and sewing are way more fun.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sick Kids

What started out as a pleasant trip to the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens last Saturday with Missy and our dear friend Patricia ended up with a visit to the hospital. Missy, my oldest daughter, got up on Saturday complaining of pain in her abdomen. She thought it was from the Mexican food on Friday night. We went to the Lilac Gardens for a couple of hours, then back to her house for lunch and scrapbooking. By 4 PM Missy was in so much pain that I told her I was taking her to the hospital. Seven hours later it was determined that she has a cyst that had burst and was bleeding internally. The doctor kept her overnight for observation. She lost a lot of blood and, at one point, we thought she was going to have to have surgery.

She came home the next day and, thank God, is on the mend now -- ever so slowly. Missy and I are blessed to have such lovely friends. I made some phone calls on Sunday morning and people were there to help out with the animals, driving Christien to school, and more. Plus lots of prayers for her recovery.

Today daughter #2, Stephany, woke up with a very sore throat. Since she's had strep before so I decided to take her to the doctor for a throat culture. Sure enough it's strep. She's on penicillin and I'm sure will be back in the swing of things by Thursday. I'm going to talk to the doctor about having her tonsils out -- this is the 4th time she's had strep since last Fall.

On another note -- I think I may be getting a new digital camera for Mother's Day. That would be so cool. The one I have is about 5 years old and just isn't quite up to speed for the kind of pictures I want to take. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm Heartbroken

Phil got voted off American Idol last night! I'm just heartbroken! He wasn't one of the best but seemed to be a very nice guy. Sure did love his wife and babies -- that says a lot in my book. And he had been singing so much better! DARN! Now I don't know who I'll have as a favorite for the rest of the competition.

I really need to get a life! LOL!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Comfort Food & Laughter

It's been a rough few days around here -- family issues that have come to a head. Then Monday I woke up with a froggy throat and feeling really yucky. The kind of days that just wear you out!

Then my sweet oldest, Missy, called yesterday to invite Steph & I over for dinner -- she said that we all needed "comfort food". We arrived to a wonderful dinner of roast chicken, rice, green beans, and gravy. I had stopped at the store to get Grands biscuits at Missy's request and figured if we were going to eat comfort food we might as well have dessert. I picked up a triple layer chocolate fudge cake.

After we were done stuffing our faces we retired to the living room. My 8 year old grandson, Christien, decided he was going to entertain us with a reading of "Walter the Farting Dog." Christien is a typical 8 year old boy who thinks that any bodily functions are hilarious. He proceeds to read the book and the whole time we are just laughing and carrying on. Christien gets to one part and says "Oh wait, this is the really good part." It was about how Walter was trying not to pass gas and kept holding it in. Walter started to expand from all the gas. Christien got so tickled at this part that he could hardly read. Of course his giggles caused all the rest of us to laugh! We laughed so much that our stomachs hurt.

By the time the evening was over everyone of us felt so much better. It was exactly what we needed! Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Strawberries & A Rose

I got this rose on Friday, put it in a vintage milk glass vase, and plunked it down on the dining room table. Yes, I plunked it! I'm not very good at arranging groupings of items together so I tend to just stick things wherever.
As I was picking up the house today I was passing the dining room table, looked over, and thought what a cool picture the rose and my strawberry pitcher and basket would make. So I snapped it -- using as much natural light as I had and no flash (I've been reading how to take better digital pictures on the internet) -- and this is how it turned out.

The red just does something to cheer me up. It makes me feel happy. And the strawberries remind me that June will be here soon and it will be time to pick berries.

I love the vintage 50's tablecloth too. I bought this from my dear friend Patricia at our Spring sale. I was going to use it for a pillow or purse but the cloth kept begging to be put on my dining room table.

Happy, happy colors for a beautiful Pacific NW day!

Friday, April 27, 2007

It's The Weekend - Yeah!

Thank God It's Friday! Although Friday's are soooo slow at work. In the afternoon it gets really quiet, not much work, and the day just drags on. In fact, it's dragging on so long that I'm finding time to post on my blog. I still have an hour and a half to go until it's 5. But I am grateful for my job, the money, and my health insurance (which starts on May 1st). It could be much worse with a totally horrible boss and stressful work situation. I'll take slow, thank you.

Had big gardening plans for this weekend but my right knee is giving out. So I'm hoping that I can supervise someone else and watch them garden -- probably not. Oh well, the weeds will be there next week only bigger.

I am definitely making more lotion bars and at least one batch of soap this weekend. I have this wonderful fragrance called Bluebonnet that I'm dying to soap. And I got new 2 oz spray bottles to make a sampler packs of 3 linen sprays/spritzer scents. Thought that would be a fun thing to offer in my Etsy shop.

More later!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Night TV

My friend Jenny posted a comment on my ramblings about American Idol and Dancin'. She said that she has a hard time getting anything done on Thursdays because of Grey's Anatomy! Well that reminded me that Thursday night is Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and October Road! Now I have another night where I won't be getting anything done.

I definitely need to get a DVR -- I'm turning into a couch potato!

My youngest daughter, Stephanie, has her first "alone" babysitting job tonight. Last year when she would babysit I had her do it at home so I could supervise. She's 13 so figure she's old enough now. She'll have a regular Thursday night job plus will be getting one or two days a week during the summer. I think it's time we sat down and did a budget for her too so she can save to help with her school clothes next Fall.

Since Steph was gone I went to Costco after work and had a hot dog & coke for dinner. As I was walking up and down the aisles I kept finding things that were so cool. Costco now carries quite a few organic items. I found a whole line of organic spices. Got so excited about that I had to call Missy on my cell phone to tell her about it. Doesn't take much to amuse me!

Better go get the decaf coffee going and get in my comfy chair. The evening's TV lineup starts in 30 minutes!