Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Evening

I'm having writer's block. I can't even really think of a good title for this post except "Sunday Evening". Maybe it's because not much has been going on lately. Daughter #1 is on the mend. I took her to the bank yesterday -- first time out since surgery. I told her she walked like a 90 year old woman. As Grandson #2 and I are trotting out to the car I yell over my shoulder "Hurry up Grandma!" We all got tickled about that, especially Daughter #1. Today I went over to feed the animals and made a pot of potato soup. It was yummy good and enough leftovers for her to eat off of for a couple of days. We watched "Marie Antoinette". If you haven't seen it please don't waste your money. A totally weird and boring movie.

Daughter #2 is back to her charming 13 year old self after her shots last week. Don't know what they put in those shots but she's been especially charming all week. No sullen attitude, no sassiness, she's been helpful around the house -- almost like another child invaded her body! Actually she's not that bad, she's just 13!

I had big plans to get lots done around the house. We woke up yesterday to one of those chilly, rainy June days in the Pacific NW. The kind of day that makes you sleepy and all you want to do is snuggle under a blanket on the couch. And that's exactly what I did! Gave myself permission to take the day off. Sure felt good!

More later! Time for bed!

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Ellen said...

Dear Kay,
When I can't think of a title I use the song in my head/one i last played on the piano or from the radio.

And if I am in a hurry I don't and blogger uses the first words of your sentence.