Tuesday, June 5, 2007


All I wanted to do was make a simple pot of chicken and noodles for Daughter #1 who is recovering from surgery. I thought while I was at it I'd make a pot for myself and Daughter #2. I've tried my hand at making my own noodles but they always turn out so tough that you could re-sole a pair of shoes with them. I've been using some frozen noodles called Grandma's that I get at Albertsons. My granny made the best homemade noodles in the world -- she's probably turning in her grave at the thought of me using frozen!

I made my list, checked it twice, and was off to Albertson's after work to get the ingredients. Got to the freezer case and no noodles. Not even the other popular brand that I feel isn't up to my discriminating noodle taste (I am desperate at this point so any would do). I march up to the customer service desk and the nice lady informs me that they no longer carry frozen noodles of any kind. I'm sure the look on my face was nasty as she backed up about a foot behind the counter. Out to the car I went and headed for Safeway. I just knew they'd at least have the other brand and I was getting desperate as it was approaching 5:00. Guess what? Safeway doesn't carry frozen noodles anymore either!! In this fast paced, pre-packaged world these two stores now expect me to start making homemade?? See the previous comment about shoe repair.

I had one last store to try before I gave up. Called Daughter #1, told her I was on a noodle hunt and on my way to the third store. She said "Mom why don't you just use the ones out of the bag." Good Lord! You don't take a sick person chicken and noodles made from bagged noodles. Frozen maybe, but not bagged. Made it to Fred Meyer's, hit the frozen food section, and there was a whole freezer case full of noodles! Hallelujah! I had struck gold -- on sale 2 for $4! Third store's a charm! Grabbed two bags and off I went to mother my sick child with "homemade" chicken and noodles.


michele said...

oh Kay, that story is sweet. I know what you mean about the noodles, I make them all the time from the hillbilly wife recipe but sometimes they come out tough. I am getting better. I put your site up on my blog in favorite places, ok? I hope your daughter recovers soon.Michele

Clare said...

Oh, you are a good mom, Kay.... hope the noodles helped MIssy feel better.