Sunday, June 3, 2007


I didn't have much time on the front porch today. I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Patricia. I picked her up at 1:30 and off we went to a quilt show in Portland. Unfortunately after we were on the road we noticed the show was only open until 3. We took the wrong bridge, missed the exit, ended up in the Terwillger Curves on I-5 south, and had to drive for 3 miles to find an exit. We got turned around at 2:15, took the downtown Portland exit and made it to the quilt show at 2:30. One good thing about being that late is that we got free admission. It was a major decision as to whether to go see the quilts first or visit the vendor booths. Spending money won out and off we went to the vendor's area. I got two really cute patterns that contain an apron, table runner, placemats, and a wall hanging in each one -- all with a chicken theme. The designer is from Portland and the first thing I asked one of the gals in the booth was if the aprons would fit across the chest of a well-endowed person -- namely me. I make my own bib aprons but the bib is usually a little narrow. I'll be working around the house and look down to find one side of my chest hanging out the side of the apron! The designer happened to be in the booth and she said that she had designed them to fit those of us with an ample bosom. I looked over and saw that she was more well endowed than me! So I bought two patterns. Patricia got the neatest book about making quilted fabric postcards. We both bought kits and will start that project soon. I've been wanting to do those for a long time. I'll post pictures tomorrow of our quilt show finds. We finally ended up going to see the quilts at 2:55! Needless to say, it was a quick trip through the displays. But some of the quilts were just gorgeous. Wish we would have had longer but that's ok. There will always be more show to go to. It was a good afternoon spent with a good friend.


Aunt Jenny said...

How fun!! Neat that you got to have some fun with Patricia!!
Your trip sounds like my luck with anything in a city. I do best on two lane country roads..big places get me off on the wrong turns and all..but sounds like it was good in the end. I would have sure went for the shopping first just like you guys did!! I get the thing with the bib on the apron not being wide enough..I have the same problem!!
It was fun to hear about your day!!

Clare said...

Ahh, how fun. Two girls having a city adventure! Glad you found your goodies, too!

kansasrose said...

Sounds like a great time! Hey I am always missing exits and getting lost...should I be worried? Nah...just lots of fun goin' on! :)

Ellen said...

Dear Kay isn't that why they call it a sunday drive? I wish I was in the back seat and could have at least listened have the best attitude to life I know!