Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blessings and Doctors

God blesses in such small, wonderful ways!! When I put the music on my blog I wanted to share three songs that I just love. It's been a while since I listened and I actually had forgotten what the songs were. It's been a hectic afternoon around here and I was feeling a bit frazzled. I sat down to check my email and had the sweetest comment on my blog from Cora saying how she had been listening to the music and it had just refreshed her soul on a day when she needed it. That just blessed me so much and made all the frazzles of the day disappear. I immediately went to my blog and listened to the music. More balm for my soul! Thank you Lord for these blessings today!

I've been to the doctor 4 times in the past two weeks! It started out with a bladder infection which I got medicine for. Then I was having quite a bit of pain in my lower left pelvic area and went back. They couldn't find anything. I finished up the medicine and thought things were going along really well. I've been having some mild discomfort in my back and then yesterday had blood in my urine (sorry to be so graphic). I immediately called the doctor and went out to have an analysis done at the lab. I got another prescription and by the time I got home I was feeling so much better. The blessing is that I have such a wonderful doctor's office. They know that I don't have insurance so they do everything they can to keep the costs down while still giving me the best care. They even gave me the medicine I needed through the office so I wouldn't have to pay a huge amount at the pharmacy.

Today I went for my pap. I was able to get a free pap test and mammogram through the Breast and Cervical Health Program at SW Washington Medical Center. Praise God for that blessing! The doctor that I saw today said she thinks I passed a small kidney stone! Everything else is ok - no lumps in my breasts. I have so many friends that are fighting breast cancer that I could only think of them while I was being examined and be a little frightened. Now I'm waiting for the results from the pap. I've had abnormal ones in the past due to the HPV Virus and I'm praying this one will come back normal. Tomorrow is my mammogram. I will breathe easier when the results from that are back.

That's enough of my whining about my doctor's visits. Have a blessed evening!!! Sending love and hugs!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night

I have an extra long assignment in my computer class this week and, since I wasn't feeling well in the earlier part of the week, I got behind. So I'm spending Friday night finishing up this week's homework. But one of the really cool things I learned tonight is that I can do a blog post from Word 2007! In fact, that's what I'm using to type this post. How cool is that?

The Blazers are playing the Houston Rockets in the 3rd game of the playoffs. I was torn about whether to put off homework to watch the game but when I saw the refs making lots of calls in favor of Houston, I decided it was time to go upstairs to study.

It has been a gorgeous day here today – in the upper 60's and lots of sunshine. The next week is supposed to be more of the same. I love the sunshine but just don't like it when the temp gets above 75. I've gotten spoiled from my 24 years of living in the cool climate of the Pacific NW.

I better get back to my homework. Hopefully I will be able to post more this weekend. I have some wonderful new scents coming for Spring & Summer soaps. I'll spill the beans about those this weekend.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stopping to Say Hi!

It's sad that I can only seem to get here once a week lately! In fact, I haven't been getting on the computer much lately except to do homework. I have an online computer class that I thought was going to be easy - NOT! It's actually not hard but just has a lot of work. Seems like I'm doing something for that class every day.

I've been under the weather since Thursday with what I thought was a bladder infection. I woke up on Thursday morning with shooting pain in my left pelvic area. That went away but there was some pain in my pelvic area left. It was not better today so I went to the doctor. I do not have health insurance so I wanted to call first to see what kind of payment I would need to make. The receptionist said that it would be $124 and if the charges were more than that they could bill me for the rest. I had to go so just resigned myself to having to spend the money.

When I got there I met with a PA named Scott who was so kind. He said that he thought I might have an infection and was going to put me on antibiotics. He then asked when was my last pap and mammogram. I said 2007 when I had insurance. That is too long I know, especially since I've had abnormal paps in the past. He gave me a flyer for a program through the local hospital where I can get both done for free. A doctor comes to their clinic on Thursday and does the exam for free. That was such a blessing. Scott said that if the pain I'm feeling doesn't go away then we will need to check further to see what's going on.

My oldest daughter is a nurse and she said it sounds like I may have had a cyst on my ovary burst. She has had this several times so knows what the symptoms are. I'm starting to agree with her as the pain is back on my left side again, although not as bad as before. I spent the afternoon on the couch and as long as I lay quietly things are ok.

Back to the doctor's visit - when I got ready to leave Scott said that rather than write a prescription he could fill my meds through the office for $12. I was so grateful because I'm sure the pharmacy would have been at least twice that amount. Then when I went to pay for the visit the receptionist told me that Scott had dropped the charge for the office visit in half!! What a blessing! I left there only have to pay $99 and that included my meds and the lab test. That's still a bunch of money to me but so much better than what I thought. Praise God! Not to mention the fact that I was treated so nicely the whole time I was there. I've been to doctor's offices before where when you tell them you don't have insurance they treat you like a second class citizen! I am so grateful that Kim recommended this doctor's office to me. They have been so good to my daughter and now to me! I'm writing them a letter to thank them for their kindness.

It was a beautiful day here today. Sounds like we're going to hit 80 degrees next week. Not sure if I'm ready for that yet. Anything over 75 and I am complaining about the heat! But it beats rain.

Time to go lay down. Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!! He Is Risen!!

Bertolli Oven Meals

Bertolli Oven Meals, in the frozen section, is on sale this week at Fred Meyer's (a NW chain) for $4.98 each. Walgreen's has them on sale too but their price is $5.99. Check your local paper on Tuesday or Wednesday to see if a store near you has them on sale for less than Walgreens.

You can print off two $2.00 coupons by going to the Bertolli website and signing up. To print two coupons you will have to hit the back button on your browser after the first one is sent to your printer.

These would make an inexpensive entree even if you pay the Walgreens price. It would be $3.99 after the coupon. If you're lucky enough to have a double coupon for your local store it would save you even more!

Grocery Savings This Week

I'm late in getting this posted but wanted to share my grocery savings this past week. I only went to Albertsons because they had the best savings. There is a program that UniLever is running at Albertsons. I'm not sure if it's valid at other stores. If you purchase at least $25 worth of their products you get $10 off your bill towards a ham or turkey. Some stores have given the $10 off at the register whether you bought meat or not. I was one of the lucky ones to get that savings. My friend Kim went to the same store and could not get the savings without buying the meat. So here's what I got on my shopping trip on Wednesday.

1 pkg napkins
1 sm jar Nalley Relish
2 cans Campbell Soup
1 bottle Hidden Valley Ranch
1 Biz Liquid - Normally $6.99, on sale for $3.99 with a $2.00 coupon attached - paid $1.99
1 Snuggle Fabric Softener
6 boxes Lipton Soup Mix
4 pkgs Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mic
1 Lysol Cleaner
2 Jello Pudding
2 12 pks of Pepsi
2 12 pks of Mountain Dew
1 Skippy Peanut Butter
1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix
1 Betty Crocker Frosting
1 Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
2 All Liquid Detergent - Reg $5.99, on sale for $3.99, had $2.00 coupons - paid $1.99 each
1 Honey Maid Graham Crackers
1 Albertson's Canola Oil
2 8 pk boxes of Pop Tarts
1 gal milk
1 32 oz Mountain High Yogurt
2 16 oz Daisy Sour Cream
1 2lb pkg Albertsons Frozen Hash Browns
2 8 oz tubs Cool Whip
2 Breyers Ice Cream
1 Albertsons Kitchen Sponge
2 Philly Cream Cheese
1 pkg Spring Mix Salad

Total $152.56

I got $12.00 off at the register for buying specials. I had a $5.00 coupon from last weeks cereal special when I bought 5 boxes. I had $19.25 in manufacturers coupons. I got $52.75 in store savings with my Albertsons card.

Total Savings $89.00

My Cost $63.56

This is the most that I have spent in a long time but got lots of groceries for what I paid for them.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Senior Moment

I was working at the computer this afternoon when I heard my cell phone ringing. I looked by the computer - no phone. I looked on the counter - no phone. I looked by my favorite chair in the living room - no phone. All the while the darned thing is still ringing. Just about the time I was ready to give up looking I found it!

It was in my pocket!

Friday, April 3, 2009

More Grocery Savings

I went to 3 different places tonight - Safeway, Albertsons, and Walgreens. I had coupons to use at all 3 places plus a $5.00 Catalina for Albertsons. Here's what I got:

4 Red Baron Pizzas
2 Green Giant Vegetable Steamers
1 Rice Krispies Cereal
1 Nestle's Chocolate Chips
1 Oreo Cookies
1 Lb Lucerne Butter
2 Lb Tillamook Med Cheddar Cheese
1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo
1 Garnier Fructis Conditioner
1 Safeway Butter Top Bread
1 4 lb 7 Bone Pot Roast
1 3 lb Honeysuckle Boneless Turkey Breast
6 Pkgs of Peeps (for Easter)
2 Pkgs of Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue (8 double rolls)
2 Cans Bumblee Tuna
2 Dawn Dish Detergent
1 Small Glade Soy Candle
2 Arrid Deoderant

Total cost for everything $122.01

Total after coupons $45.58

I saved $76.43!!!