Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bertolli Oven Meals

Bertolli Oven Meals, in the frozen section, is on sale this week at Fred Meyer's (a NW chain) for $4.98 each. Walgreen's has them on sale too but their price is $5.99. Check your local paper on Tuesday or Wednesday to see if a store near you has them on sale for less than Walgreens.

You can print off two $2.00 coupons by going to the Bertolli website and signing up. To print two coupons you will have to hit the back button on your browser after the first one is sent to your printer.

These would make an inexpensive entree even if you pay the Walgreens price. It would be $3.99 after the coupon. If you're lucky enough to have a double coupon for your local store it would save you even more!

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Farm Chick Paula said...

Mmmm- those sound wonderful... and great price, too!!