Sunday, June 3, 2007

Porch Sitting

What a beautiful day in the PNW today! In fact, we've had a beautiful week. Lots of warm weather -- maybe a little too warm for me (I whine when it gets over 80) -- and sun, sun, sun. I hung towels out on the line. I can't wait to take my shower in the AM so I can dry off with one. They're rough but sure do smell great.

A lot of the rest of the day was spent doing some housework, sitting on the front porch, doing laundry, sitting on the front porch, more sitting on the front porch. Are you starting to see a pattern here? When summer comes my porch is where I spend lots and lots of time. All my flowers got planted last Sunday so I have lots of pretties to look at while I sit.

From my vantage point, i.e. my white wicker rocker, I can see all the happenings in the neighborhood. Watch lots of cars go by as we're on a main road, check out what the neighbors across the street are doing, and just generally be nosy. Got ready to go to the store for hazelnut creamer for my late afternoon decaf and there was a police car blocking the end of the road. No traffic could turn on the road in front of our house. This meant more sitting as I had to observe what was going on -- plus I couldn't go anywhere because the street was blocked! The neighbor down the road called me to say there had been an accident in front of her house. She had been talking to the police and filled me in on all the details.

I called Daughter #1 to make a report and she said I reminded her of my dad! He always used to sit on his porch and watch what was going on. He and my step-mom lived across the street from the Illinois State Fairgrounds. For the two weeks of State Fair every August my dad had lots to watch and lots to report on. In our weekly phone call I would get the low down. Once, while going to take the trash out late at night he stumbled across a couple of tipsy fairgoers laying in the backyard being very friendly with each other. Then there was the time he caught a guy going to the bathroom in the bushes in the backyard. All would be reported with lots of laughter. We heard these two particular stories over and over many times.

Daughter #1 is right -- I am like my dad! But couldn't think of anyone better to be like. Now if it wasn't so dark outside I'd go sit on the porch and see what was going on. That's the problem with living in the country -- no street lights! But there's always tomorrow!


Ellen said...

Dear Kay,
You are a good storyteller. Rocking with you on the porch would be a blessing for me to report.The fairgoer night must have been wild reports.

I am glad you came back to bloggin. I missed ya!

kansasrose said...

HA! I am gonna call ya Gladys from now on! Remeber Gladys and Abner Kravitz on the Bewitched TV show? The neighborhood watchers...I'm like that too. You do write good stories. Enjoyed this! Miss ya hon..and Missy too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
I love to sit on the porch and watch people go by.
Ah the simple life.

LaMarguerite Farm said...

That's exactly who she reminds me of. Mrs. Kravitz. I used to call Stephanie Mrs. Kravitz when she was little because she always had to be in the middle of everything and would always "report" to us when playing with her little friends. That's so funny that someone else thought of that too!! When I spent the night with my Grandpa, he would be up late and sitting at the window. I would sit with him and he would share all of his little stories from fair time. Love you Mom!!!