Friday, October 12, 2007

Church In The Car

I love Friday!! It's my last day of work for three whole days. I get to be at home taking care of my house, being with my Stephany, and maybe even cooking or baking. I was feeling especially cheerful about Friday and decided to treat myself to a Revved Up Frozen Mocha coffee drink on the way. Of course, I have my favorite station I have to go to and it is a little out of my way. But that's ok -- I decided to take the scenic route home and enjoy my mocha.

I'm driving along, listening to the local Christian music station, and enjoying my drink. Several good songs came on -- "Amazing Grace" (a new arrangement that is wonderful -- sorry I can't remember the artist) and then "Shackles". Well that one really got me going because it is gospel -- happy, hand clappin, foot stompin gospel!! Driving, singing to my Lord, raising one hand in praise (I kept the other on the wheel), and feeling so blessed! The Holy Spirit was in the passenger's seat and we were having church!!! What a wonderful way to start my weekend.


jayedee said...

ahhhhhh shackles! that's the one by mary mary right? isn't it hard to listen to that one while you drive? lol it makes me want to MOVE!

Kay said...

Yup! That's the song -- Shackles by Mary Mary. I almost ran the car off the road a couple of times!

Daughter of the King said... it....
and I know what you mean about running the car off the road when that song comes on