Monday, October 15, 2007

My Sister Wants Fame

I have one sister who is three years younger than me. Her name is Diana and she is lucky enough to still live in our hometown -- although she doesn't see it that way! Guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. She lives there and wishes she didn't. I live out here in WA and wish I lived there! She keeps emailing me and telling me to mention her in my blog. Here you go sweetie -- you got your wish!

Diana is a late bloomer. While the rest of us have been on the internet for a long time, Diana is just dipping her toes into the "virtual water". It is great because now I get email from her! I sent her a link to my blog, which she just loves, and is now thinking of starting her own blog. Now if I could just get her to figure out eBay she'd be all set!

My growing up years with Diana were interesting, to say the least. Diana likes girly things now but as a child she was the tom boy. I was the "diva" as she likes to call me. I was the one who wanted to stay in the house, play with dolls, paint my fingernails, and not get dirty.

Our daddy was a blacksmith by trade. He had a shop that had a dirt floor. When Diana was a pre-schooler, and Mother worked, Daddy would take Diana to the shop with him. Diana would spend the day playing on the dirt floor. By the time she came home she would be black with dirt -- all you could see were her eyes. I, being the diva, did not want to be near her or touch her when she was covered in all that dirt. She would know that and make every effort to get near me, touch me, and chase me around threatening to touch me.

Diana is the baby of the family. To say that my sister was spoiled -- well I'll be nice. She was the cutest child -- one of those chubby little kids that you just wanted to squeeze! She had hair so blond it looked white, big blue eyes, and everyone was just enamored with her. She was quite good at throwing tantrums to try and get her way (she usually succeeded). Every year on the first day of school Mother would take us out in the side yard to get a picture. One other school tradition that Mother had was giving us home permanents. I don't think there's one first day of school picture where we didn't have fuzzy hair! I was in the third grade and Diana was starting kindergarten. I don't remember exactly what Diana got mad about but she was having no part of the picture taking for some reason. Mother begged and begged her to have her picture taken. Just about the time that Mother got ready to snap the picture Diana turned her back! So we have this nice first day of school picture with me facing the camera and Diana standing with her back turned and her arms folded across her chest!

My sister and I always fought like cats and dogs. We spent most of our childhood and our adult years being angry or jealous of each other. Then in 2003, when my dad passed away, something changed. As we were leaving the funeral dinner my sister looked at my brother and I and said "Please don't forget me. Please don't lose touch with me." Both of our parents were gone now and we realized that the three of us were all that was left. At that very moment I felt God saying to me "you need to change your attitude towards your sister." All the years of anger and jealousy melted away. I was determined to have a close relationship with my sister for the rest of our lives and try to make up for lost time. She needs me and I need her. After God, our families are the most important things that we have. I love my sister very deeply and am so grateful that we are now friends.

A special note to my dear sister because I know you're going to read this. I love you with all my heart and am so glad that you're in my life!


Andylynne said...

What a nice welcome for your sister to the virtual world. Isn't love and forgivness wonderful!

Daughter of the King said...

Welcome to "FAME" Diana...what a great sister you have to devote her blog to that is I am sure you are.
ALSO the Puget Sound

Sue said...

Sisters are special!!