Monday, July 9, 2007

One Hundred and What????

102 -- that't the forecast high for tomorrow! Our average high is 76 for this time of year and we usually don't see triple digits but about once every 4 or 5 years. It's not unusual for mid-90's in late July or early August. We are lucky enough to have air conditioning but many people here don't.

I moved to Washington in 1985. Coming from Illinois, where the summers are hot and the humidity high, one of the first things you ask about a place is if it has air conditioning. When my prospective landlady told me that most people around here didn't have it because it wasn't needed, I couldn't believe it. The second thing you ask, especially if the place is out of town a ways, is if there are problems getting out in the winter. I asked that question because, at the time, the place I was renting was surrounded by empty fields, a barn, and many cows. I did not know that Vancouver, WA rarely gets snow. The lady looked at me like she was ready to call the white coat guys to come and haul me away.

In my defense, the first winter I was here we had a major snow storm of 4 inches -- at least that was major for here.

Now how did I get off on the snow thing when I'm supposed to talking about the impending heat? Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

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michele said...

oh today was so hot in N.J. also. I went outside early to water & weed but it was still hot & I didnt last long! I don't like the heat at all & it doesn't like me!