Monday, July 23, 2007


I love this name! It was my maternal grandmother's name and it means "grace". All of my childhood memories are filled with time spent with her doing simple every day things. She didn't buy me many toys, games, candy, or other things. She gave me her time. Time spent learning homemaking skills -- cooking, doing laundry, sprinkling clothes to get ready to iron, and then teaching me how to iron. That was how she made extra money for herself. My grandmother took in other people's ironing. It would be a whole process back in the 50's -- the days before permanent press fabrics. Everything had to be ironed. Granny would lay a plastic tablecloth down on the kitchen table, fill the old RC pop bottle with warm water, then put on the sprinkler top. I'd get to help her sprinkle the clothes. Then we'd roll them up tight like sausages, put them in a plastic bag, and stick them in the refrigerator. That way the clothes wouldn't get sour before we were ready to iron the next morning. The next morning it would be off to the back room to get the ironing done before the day got hot. As Granny would iron I'd color, read a book, and listen to her hum or whistle while she worked. She was joyful in the task she was performing.

This morning I was reading a Bible study profile of a woman named Anna. Her short story is in Luke 2:36-38. The first part of the profile reads:

"Anna got up and put on her clothes. God had given her another day of life -- another day to worship him and to pray! She was the most fortunate woman she knew. What would he tell her today? Whom would she meet in the temple? Every day was an adventure. Anna loved God, and she loved life!"

Anna was 87 years old. She was a prophetess who spent day and night at the temple. She worshipped God and waited for the arrival of the Messiah. She had been married for 7 years when her husband died and then never remarried. The rest of her days were spent in service to the Lord. This Anna was joyful in the task she was performing too!

As I read this passage this morning my first thought was that I want to be that joyful. Just to be happy for another day given to me by God. Another day to worship him and to pray! When my focus is on those two things the rest of my day will be great!

Now I have another reason to love the name Anna. When I think of that name each morning it will remind of this faithful woman who loved God and loved life! It will remind me to open my eyes and be excited that God has given me another day of life!!


Alta aka k9 said...

Your grandmother sounds like a lovely lady. I too had 2 wonderful grandmothers and yes they spent time with me and teaching me homemaking skills. The name Anna sounds perfect for your grandmother - such a strong, loving name.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kay, what wonderful memories that brought back for me. It was my Mother ironing all those clothes though! Your grandmother was as inspiration to a little girl and what a wonderful thing she did for you. Your so right...We all need to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life that the Lord has given us. Can't wait to read more of your "ramblings"! Hugs Friend, Sher

Aunt Jenny said...

I love the name Anna too! I always think about what I would have named my girls if they had been born to me and not adopted and already named. I love their names but wouldn't have picked them for sure. My kids' middle names are all picked by us, though, and my youngest daughter is named for my beloved grandma, Cecile. WE called her Mom.