Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where Have I Been??

Boy, a whole week has gone by and I haven't posted a thing. Where have I been? What's been going on? Well -- not much. Just doing the usual work thing Tuesday through Friday. I have a nasty staph infection which I got medicine for on Thursday. The medicine is so strong that it makes me feel worse than the infection! But I have to take it so I will deal with it. The staph would be worse -- especially since it could kill me. Not a good thing!

I've been running Daughter #2 around all over the place. Teenagers sure do keep you busy. I keep trying to tell her that we're trying to conserve gas, not see how much more we can use. But since we live outside of town and all her friends live in town -- therein lies the problem. For the first time I said I'd be glad when she finally got her driver's license. Then again????

Daughter #2 surprised me this week. I keep going along praying for her daily, trying not to pull my hair out at times, telling myself that this too shall pass. Actually it's not all that bad. She's a really good kid. Just sassy like her momma! She's had this "boyfriend" for about 3 months. Actually it's a nice young man from Utah that she talks to on the phone and emails. She's never met him but he's still her boyfriend, or so she says. Now before anyone has a fit about this just know that I've checked him out, talked to both of his parents, etc. I'm a very protective parent.

Yesterday she calls me at work to tell me that she thinks she's going to break up with this young man. I was the first one that she called and she actually asked for my advice -- go figure! She said that she liked him as a friend but just didn't want to be involved with any boys for a long, long time. She just wanted to hang out with her girl friends. I told her that I felt the first thing she should do is to pray that God would give her the right words to say and then pray for the young man. Ask that God would comfort him as he was going to be sad. Daughter #1 says "That's really good advice Mom. I'm going to go pray and will call you later." Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. She said I gave her good advice! Is it possible that she's beginning to think I'm not so bad after all?

Anyway, the break up went well. She and the young man are still friends and she says she feels good about the way she handled the conversation. Darn -- I must be starting to get through to her!!


tracey said...

Oh, man...

I so understand the gas and the running around! Now that it's summer I'm actually driving less, can you believe it?

LOL on the boyfriend. Not going to hear anything from me! The Grammar Nazi only appears to 'date' in that fashion. He collects friends who are girls, but he's too shy to talk to them face to face :)

Sorry to hear about the staph...hope it gets better soon!

BTW...did you ever read my 'stupid sheep' post a week or two ago? I don't recall off hand if you commented that day or not, but it's a great comparison of sheep to children (if I do say so myself, lol!)

Aunt Jenny said...

Isn't that wonderful when they actually follow your advice and appreciate it Seems like once they are about 11 that starts to go away... a glimmer of hope on a day like today for ya!! I love it!!
I hope you feel better really really soon!!

Clare said...

Kids want guidance, whether they admit it or not.... and Steph asked for it, so YEAH|!!!

GardenGoose said...

so sorry to hear about the infection. Did they give you Keflex?hope things heal up fast.
glad things are going well with the daughters. 13 and up til about 15 are tough ages. my daughter is now 16 and we get along great..but that age from about 13-15 did offer up a few tough days.