Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Command Post

I talk so much about my front porch that I figured it was time that I posted a picture of part of it! This is the place were I sit every morning to have my coffee and enjoy the new day. Sometimes I'm there in the afternoon to enjoy the cool breeze. I sit and read, stitch, or just watch the many birds in the big open field in front of my house. In the late evening I'm here to rejoice in the cooling of the day and watch the beautiful sunsets. My family, lovingly and jokingly, refers to this space as "Mom's Command Post".

I've had the rocker for about 5 years now. When Daughter #1 owned her store we had a lady come in to consign the rocker. I feel in love with it! She wanted a purse so we bartered. I sewed a purse for her and carried the rocker home in my car.

Last Saturday was a major garage sale day in our little town. I saw the little wicker table and knew it needed a home beside my rocker. Now my little spot is just about perfect. All it needs is a plant for the table.


Katie said...

Love the rocker -- and the new addition, Little Table. I envy your porch -- I just have a 'spot'!

Aunt Jenny said...

I adore that rocker!! Wow...it is just perfect! I need one like that for my little patio reading area!!

Sue said...

What a lovely spot to sit and watch the world go by!

Clare said...

Very nice, Kay!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Your "command post" is perfect! I love the rocker, AND that table! Dontcha just love stiking a good barter deal, yea for you!