Monday, July 2, 2007

Beautiful Summer Day

What a gorgeous summer day today! Got up this AM to a warm morning with just a hint of a breeze. I played around with the flowers on my front porch for a while -- deadheaded, watered and fertilized them. I planted red geraniums, white verbena, and blue lobelia this year for a patriotic porch! This is an old enamelware canning kettle that I got at an estate sale last year. I was going to use it when canning but it's too big to fit on my stove. So it went to the shed for the winter. When I was getting ready to plant I found it, drilled holes in the bottom and it was ready for my pretty flowers. Hung a load of towels on the line then went into town for a while. I got a couple of basil plants, cucumber starts, and two tomato plants. This weekend the little garden area in the back will get planted. I wasn't going to plant anything this year but the warm weather and sunshine made me decide differently. Plus there's nothing better than fresh basil and pasta!


Ellen said...

Happy 4th
Love the RedWhite and Blue!
Lobelia has to be one of my all time favs. So delicate and so true blue!

Clare said...

Lovely, Kay, just lovely. I love the window frame, too.... I have some laying around. I should use them!

GardenGoose said...

that pot of flowers is just so adorable..what a terrific use for that pot, especially if you can't use it in the kitchen..looks like it worked perfectly as a planter. aren't we farmgirls just full of clever ideas:0)