Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Wanna A Cool Blog Banner

I'm whining today. Today is day #5 of the mega antibiotics for the staph infection which has in turn caused other infections that I've had to take more pills for. All of these chemicals in my system are making me feel whiny, to say the least. But the staph infection is better. And I only have 4 more days of antibiotics and then I can start a major detox of my system.

Sorry -- I got off on a tangent! I'm whining because I want a cool blog banner. All the other gals have them (more whining). Dear Tracey from Carpenter Creek gave me some cool pictures for my other blog The Rustic Cottage. Thanks Tracey!! She's the banner and picture queen extraordinaire.

But I need something for this blog. If I could figure out how to make my own I'd have a new one on a regular basis. But I can't. I downloaded a free trial of Photo Shop. Well DUH! I could barely figure out how to open the program. So that one got deleted. I've tried Front Page but can't get that one to work either. What I need is a program that will let me manipulate pictures (more whining). I'm usually not one to let computer programs stump me. I'll keep trying until I figure it out. It's either old age or I'm lazy -- I'm perfectly willing to let someone else figure this one out and then tell me how to do it.

I know in the grand scheme of things this really isn't important. However, a girl does want her home on the web to look good.

On another note -- I'm getting better at text messaging! Read about that adventure here. An Old Dog Tries to Text Message

Okay, I'm done whining now.


Aunt Jenny said...

I am clueless with that sort of thing. REALLY I have a plain Jane blog. I did have someone make banners (3 so I could alternate) for my etsy shop. That was fun. I see some of the cute stuff out there though, and it is hard not to want them!!
take care of YOU!!!

Sue said...

Kay, blogger now helps you to make your own banner, check mine out sometime, they are easy to do. All you have to do is download a photo onto your computer, get into your blogger page settings, click on header and upload the photo you want to use and it will come up, then you have the option of where you want the title to appear, I prefer in the front. Try it and if you need any more help, just email me and I'll see what I can do. My banners for my three blogs are all my own photos, becareful is your using someone elses, copy right stuff. Good luck!

Alta said...

I didn't know you could do that with blogger. But blogger does rock! I made mine with dreamweaver. It's pretty darn easy too. I love some of the banners with all of the primitive drawings and other drawings. I certainly don't have the talent for that, but I can just about make an image do anything with dreamweaver.

Anonymous said...

Sue said Kay the blogger. Who is that. I myself am looking to see how to add a nice banner. Where does everyone get such pretty backgrounds?

Reiza said...

Wow! I'm so enjoying your blog. Some light reading, just what I need at the end of the day.

I am looking for the coolest banner myself. I've tried this free software Gimp, and I've been making (mediocre) banners every now and then and changing my banner every week! But nothing seems to fit what I have in mind. I guess I'll have to pay a professional graphic designer to do it for me. I've given up. :(