Friday, January 11, 2008

Tomorrow Is Moving Day

I'm almost packed and the movers will be here at 10 AM. I got the keys to my apartment last night and it was so fun to take some things over tonight. Stephany and I are both so excited.

When I told my husband I was leaving we both said that we would do this parting by being kind and fair to each other. There has been too much unhappiness for so long. Neither of us want this to be a hateful situation. He is being very helpful to me and I feel that we will be able to part as good friends. That's the way it should be because we have a daughter together. It is still sad to leave and I know his heart is hurting. I have been praying for God to draw near to him and help him through this hard time. But a good note is that my husband will be moving in with a Christian friend of ours who is looking for a room mate. It will be a great place for him to be and our friend will be a good help for him.

In the midst of everything I had car trouble on the way to work yesterday. Broke down by the side of I-5 and had to have my car towed to a dealership. Fortunately I work for two wonderful people who are letting me use a vehicle for the weekend. But the bad news is that the engine in my car is gone. I'm shocked at that because it doesn't have many miles. It is used but we've had it for a year. So I am up in the air as to what to do. Luckily my husband is in the car business and is helping me with this major glitch. Not sure what I'm going to do but God does. I'm just giving this whole thing up to Him and I will wait for him to provide and show me what He wants for me in this situation.

Have a great weekend!! I hope to be back online by Monday.

Love and hugs,

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