Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Made It!!

800 miles over two days with a car so packed we hardly had room to fit inside - but we made it! The car ran great, got good gas mileage, and at 1:45 PM on Monday we pulled into Layton, UT.

I tried to get a picture of the Welcome to Utah sign for my blog but we were moving so fast (and not allowed to stop by the side of the road) that all I got was the elevation sign. - which is 4500 feet by the way.

The landscape is totally different although still green. I hope I don't offend anyone but I have to say that from Eastern WA all the way here is pretty ugly - brown, dry, and no trees. Once we got closer to Layton it started to get more green. And there are trees. The mountains are absolutely breathtaking. Right down at the end of the cul de sac are mountains and they have snow on top!

But boy is it hot here! 90's every day since we arrived - but we're loving the sunshine. Tonight it has cooled off and there is a strong breeze. I opened the patio door to let some fresh air into our room.

Steph and I are in the basement of a 3 story house. It is one large room with our beds at one end and a little sitting area at the other. Well it's supposed to be a sitting area but right now there are clothes and bags scattered all over. There is no closet so I'm going to get one of those hanging racks to put our clothes on. There is also no bathroom down here yet. So we have to climb one flight of stairs to use the half bath. Then when we want to shower we have our own bath that is up another flight of stairs.

Seems like I'm constantly going upstairs then needing something from our room. So back down I go. I'm either going to lose weight or my knees will give out!

I got my computer set up last night and got high speed internet today. I feel like I'm in the real world again. I didn't realize how dependent I am on the the internet. Not just for casual stuff but for banking, job hunting, applying online, etc.

I went on a job interview today. Didn't get much of a feel for how it went. Sometimes you can tell and sometimes not. I won't know if I'm in the final 3 until next week. I'm continuing to send out resumes to lots of places. Having my computer up will make it so much easier.

The most exciting news is that I found a Hobby Lobby!! I love those stores. When I went to IL to visit my brother I'd always go to the one there and stock up on purse handles. I contacted the corporate office to see if they'd ever be in WA but they said the farthest west they went was Utah. So now you know why I almost drove off the road when I saw the sign. I haven't had a chance to go yet but that's on the agenda for Saturday.

Another revelation I had today is that I'm living in a very warm (hot) climate and I can actually grow tomatoes! There is a little patio off our room that gets sun during the day. I cleaned it all off tonight and am going to get a tomato plant and some herbs on Saturday. Then it's off to the thrift store to see what I can find for planters. I'm so excited!!

Thank you all for your prayers for us while we traveled. I could feel God's protection over us every step of the way.


Kelley said...

So glad that you made it safely!
Praying that you hear about the job soon!
Wishing you a cooler and blessed weekend!

Renna said...

It sounds like you guys are settling in nicely.

Maybe a checklist by the door before heading upstairs for a bath would extend the life of your knees. ;-)

I also love Hobby Lobby, but don't live near one, so when I do get to go to one, it's a real treat.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Very happy to hear the move went smoothly and safely. Utah may have hot (only compared to WA) summer days, but it cools off nicely in the evenings which is terrific for dining alfresco, or just relaxing out in the fresh evening air. You don't have to worry about missing winter weather either - Utah gets a good amount of snow and cold!
Praying you find the perfect job soon!

Darlene said...

So good to see you! And you found my #2 favorite store, number one being Lowes, lol.

Hope to hear more about your new city and all that you and Steph are doing...

God bless, my friend :)

CathyJean said...

You sound sooo much better!! BTW, Kay, Hobby Lobby has a "40% off one item" coupon every other week. If you don't get the paper you can print it off their website. (you can use one per day during that week)It helps a lot!!