Saturday, September 25, 2010

Barn House And Vintage Gathering Sales

Emma took her mommy and me to the Barn House sale in Battle Ground today! This is the first one for all of us and the first sale for Missy & I in a long time. We got there at noon and the place was actually starting to get emptied of wares - it's that popular! I did find lots of things to inspire me though. After Barn House we traveled down the road to the Vintage Gatherings sale - loved it! Lots of vendors, lots of vintage treasures, and reasonable prices! I got pictures at Barn House but not at Vintage Gatherings (Nana was carrying Emma around so Mom could shop). Enjoy!

This wonderful old bath tub greeted us as we walked in to the gate. It was filled with straw and pillows.

Isn't this chandelier the best?? It was accented with dried hops.

Love this chair and the pillow! I want to learn to screen print. The sun was so bright that it washed out some of my pics - sorry.

Linen apron - these were just the cutest things ever! I'm inspired to sew again. Now to get my hands on some linen.

Beautiful displays everywhere - sunflowers make me happy and the vase was so pretty.

I am so in love with this bolster pillow by Maison Douce and the chair's not too shabby either! Can't you just see the bolster at the head of a bed covered with a fluffly down comforter, quilts, and lots of pillows?


Janet Bernasconi said...

Love your vintage treasures! I have to agree that the chair and pillow are great! And that chandelier too. it. I had fun visiting you. Come on over for a visit too. Enjoy the party. I am dying to see Sonia's mag. It should be arriving any day now.
Janet Bernasconi
Janet's Creative Pillows

Uncovered Ruby said...

Kay..I'm sure I met your daughter today, I recognize her from the pic on your sidebar..why didn't you introduce yourself? I think I even remember you pushing the stroller through today! I met a few other bloggers that came through today, it's so nice to talk face to face...nex time ;-) Lisa

Florence said...

Thanks for sharing, wished I could have gone. Florence

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

Just checking in on you !
God's Peace of Presence envelope you today ...
Much LoVe~

Caroline said...

Thaks for sharing. Itsounds like my kind of place!!Love the cushion too.

Julia said...

Love going to places like that. I got the chance to do that last weekend with friend. Makes ones brain spin with ideas. I ended up buying an oak rocker for $10. I needs to be refinished and needs new cushions, and then it can rock many a grandbaby!