Friday, April 27, 2007

It's The Weekend - Yeah!

Thank God It's Friday! Although Friday's are soooo slow at work. In the afternoon it gets really quiet, not much work, and the day just drags on. In fact, it's dragging on so long that I'm finding time to post on my blog. I still have an hour and a half to go until it's 5. But I am grateful for my job, the money, and my health insurance (which starts on May 1st). It could be much worse with a totally horrible boss and stressful work situation. I'll take slow, thank you.

Had big gardening plans for this weekend but my right knee is giving out. So I'm hoping that I can supervise someone else and watch them garden -- probably not. Oh well, the weeds will be there next week only bigger.

I am definitely making more lotion bars and at least one batch of soap this weekend. I have this wonderful fragrance called Bluebonnet that I'm dying to soap. And I got new 2 oz spray bottles to make a sampler packs of 3 linen sprays/spritzer scents. Thought that would be a fun thing to offer in my Etsy shop.

More later!


Ellen said...

Dear Kay,
you refreshed your blog... spring cleaning went virtual? i left a message on your machine the other night... can't remember what time it would be at your house maybe you were still at work...or caught you in the middle of a tv show?

missed (((you)))

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh the new linen sprays sound great...and bluebonnet..sounds like a nice scent!! I made some laundry soap yesterday and scented it with a blend called Road Rage Relief!! Very calming I guess...haha it has Lavender and Mint and grapefruit oils among others.
I hope you are having a great weekend!! (I feel for ya with the knee thing..mine are killing me today!!)