Sunday, April 29, 2007

Strawberries & A Rose

I got this rose on Friday, put it in a vintage milk glass vase, and plunked it down on the dining room table. Yes, I plunked it! I'm not very good at arranging groupings of items together so I tend to just stick things wherever.
As I was picking up the house today I was passing the dining room table, looked over, and thought what a cool picture the rose and my strawberry pitcher and basket would make. So I snapped it -- using as much natural light as I had and no flash (I've been reading how to take better digital pictures on the internet) -- and this is how it turned out.

The red just does something to cheer me up. It makes me feel happy. And the strawberries remind me that June will be here soon and it will be time to pick berries.

I love the vintage 50's tablecloth too. I bought this from my dear friend Patricia at our Spring sale. I was going to use it for a pillow or purse but the cloth kept begging to be put on my dining room table.

Happy, happy colors for a beautiful Pacific NW day!


kansasrose said...

Hi Kay! Glad I found you again! Love this picture...I miss you and Missy so are you both? I closed my blog to invited readers only and would like to send you an invite. ( Missy too) Are you still at the same email? Hope you can stop by my blog soon hon. Take care...God Bless. Love, Jenny from Kansas ( formerly meadowrose now kansasrose)

Ellen said...

Dear Kay,
A white kitchen with spots of flower and fruit is certainly serenity in my book. Good going!

Aunt Jenny said...

I LOVE this picture. HEy, I have a tablecloth almost exactly like that it! That strawberry basket is so cute too!! Neat stuff. I am very attracted to red and white in the kitchen.
And you sure set things up alot better than I would!!
Have a great week!!

mima said...

Hi! I never read your blog before! It's so ,cute, funny and honest!Your picture is beautiful! Hang in there with your teenager. I raised four and THIS TOO SHALL PASS is my motto! They are all my best friends now! Hope that gives you a little hope! Farmgirl Hugs! Mima(Debi)

Ellen said...

Dear Kay
I see I finally lite up our little island on your map!
I am still picking strawberries here. I picked up everbearing plants in SC when I was traveling with MsDaisy. The birds, with our drought, are developing a sweet tooth... or beak lol.

gloria g. said...

Yes, this is a beautiful site. What more could anyone want. Strawberries and a Rose! Beautiful blog!

gloria g. Richards, TX