Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Totally Addicted To. . . . .

American Idol and Dancing With The Stars!!! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings I don't get a thing done! And Tuesday is especially bad because they are both on -- one following the other.

Last week I was actually cheering when Sanjaya got voted off American Idol. Of course, I'm sure thousands of other people were too. Now I'm rooting for the one time underdog, Phil Stacey. He has come into his own since singing country music last week. I know he looks strange but he's endearing -- loves his wife, is nuts about his babies, and the guy can sing.

I sat on the phone last night hitting flash and redial to cast as many votes as possible for Phil. My family just shook their heads and went to bed!

Tonight is the AI results show -- can't wait for that. Last night was the Dancin' results show. Heather got voted off which didn't break my heart.

I really do need to get a life!

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Aunt Jenny said...

I totally agree with you...I don't always get to watch those kids LOVE them...but we catch them if we are home...saw the DWS results show last night. I wasn't rooting for Heather for sure.
I have a hard time getting things done on Thursday night..Grey's anatomy night!