Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm Heartbroken

Phil got voted off American Idol last night! I'm just heartbroken! He wasn't one of the best but seemed to be a very nice guy. Sure did love his wife and babies -- that says a lot in my book. And he had been singing so much better! DARN! Now I don't know who I'll have as a favorite for the rest of the competition.

I really need to get a life! LOL!


Ellen said...

I'd vote off Dr.Phil too ;)

Aunt Jenny said... crack me up!!!

Day4plus said...

Well I thought Chris was kinda cute too. Phil was really getting good and I saw him the next night on the Jay Leno Show in his Navy uniform. Cute!!
Thanks for visiting my blog. See ya later. Marybeth

Beach Girl said...


Found the link to your blog on MJ Forum. I'm on the opposite coast 30 miles out to sea. Please stop by Yahweh's Retreat and say hi.

Vanessa :-)