Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for Stephany. She is doing so much better. I took her to the doctor on Saturday for a quick strep test. It came back negative but they sent a culture to be tested at the lab. Over the weekend she was running a 101 temp so I knew that something was still not right.

Monday morning the doctor's office called and said that Steph had Strep C and they were calling in a prescription for antibiotics. She had to take two yesterday morning to jump start things and by tomorrow evening she was feeling so much better. Today was even better as she was hungry! I made her favorite - chocolate chip pancakes - for supper. She had 5!!

It's been another beautiful day here with lots of sunshine. However, it's supposed to start raining on Thursday and will be a little damp for Halloween. The rains are starting.

My friend Kim and I are taking the kids trick or treating on Friday. They are both getting too old so this will be their last one. It is fitting they should have the last one together as the kids used to go together when they were little. We are even taking them back to our old neighborhood where we owned our home. My elderly neighbor Pat always makes the kids do a "trick" before they can have their treat. She is a sweet Christian lady so she encourages the kids to say a Bible verse or sing a song. When Steph was little she would work on her "trick for Pat" for two weeks before Halloween. It's a sweet memory!

Kim and I will sit in the car with her dogs, drink hot chocolate, and listen to oldies on the radio. It's going to be a fun night.


Caroline said...

It sounds like both you and the kids will have a fun night. The hot choccy & Oldies songs sound good. So glad stef is feeling better Caroline

Stacy Lambert said...

I'm glad Steph is feeling better. Thanks for the encouraging words. You always make me feel better. And hey as far as losing weight, if I can do it anybody, and I mean anybody, can do it. I'm just glad I did it before all of this happened, I don't think I would feel as good about myself bald if I was 70+ lbs. heavier. Thanks again. Have a fun Halloween. I'll be taking my little guys, too. Love, Stacy

CathyJean said...

Hi! Kay,

Glad to hear Steph is getting better! Have a great night with the kids!
By the way you've just been
BOO-ED!!! Come visit me to pick up your "treat" :)


Claudia said...

It's so nice to know that some familiies really make Halloween special for their kids. My parents used to do similar things for me when I was little. I don't see it done much anymore.