Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Drowning. . . .

in soap!!! I'm practically up to my eyeballs in soap and soap making supplies. I'm getting ready for a bazaar on December 6th so crafting is in full swing around here. Since I don't have a separate room for making soap everything ends up in the kitchen and on the dining room table. It is much easier to leave all the supplies on the end of the counter than put them all away each evening when I'm going to get up and use them again.

I'm almost done though. I only have 5 more batches of soap to make and I hope to have that done by Thursday. Then all those supplies will be put away and I'll start on gift tags and snowmen. Of course, that brings out a whole new mess of stuff - quilt batting, glue, glitter, etc. I keep telling myself that the house will be back to normal in 2 weeks. Probably not but that's what I keep saying.

In the midst of all of this I got humbled big time! I usually don't color my soap. I just let it kind of do it's own thing. But I wanted green for the Citrus Basil and blue for the Blue Bonnet. Those are two that I do all the time so I have the process down pat. I decided to make a batch of lavender - which I never color - and thought it would be nice if it was a pale violet. I could just see these three colors together on my bazaar table. I was thinking how people would oooh and aaah over my beautiful soap. Getting kind of prideful, don't you think?? I think the Lord decided I needed to be taught a lesson.

I pulled out a cup of soap from the pot, added the violet color, and mixed it all up. It looked so pretty. My pride was swelling. I could just hear all the wonderful comments from people on the pretty lavender soap. I proceeded to dump this back into the soap pot and immediately it turned a light gray! Now that's attractive - NOT! The colorant reacted big time with the lye. The lavender soap smells heavenly and still feels wonderful to use. It's just not very pretty. That brought my pridefulness down a few notches!!

Point well taken Lord!!


mrsmorris said...

You are not a prideful person. You are just enthusiastic and you should be! Your soap is incredible and everyone should try it. Not to mention the fact you happily share your knowledge with others.

I just snuck a peek at your snowmen on etsy. They are SO cute!

Darlene said...

LOL, sounds like my life :)

I'm off to Etsy to see your snowmen!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Sounds like you're up to your armpits in suds, Kay!!
I hope you do wonderful at the craft bazaar!!

Darlene said...

Oh my! You are not prideful, you take pride in your work which I know our Lord wants us to do. Without that your soaps would just be ordinary. You put love, careful attention, best of the best ingredients, beautiful wraps, my goodness I could go on and on.

It is impossible to compare your soaps with others on the market, it's like comparing a new Jaguar with a 25 yr old VW.

Sher at Old Crow Farm has a beautiful post on your soap, I wanted to leave a comment but was unable to, bummer!

Sher is right when she says your soaps make perfect gifts!

cottage remnant said...

Hmmm... left me with a thought.... the creator of the soap saw the original beauty (in the true colour), isn't that like God.... He see's our true beautiful colour, the colour that He originally gave to us....
It just made me think :0)