Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Lord, I come to you today to bring thanks. Thank you for loving me so much that you gave your only Son to die for my sins. If I had been the only person in the whole world you would have still made the sacrifice just for me. Because of Your grace and mercy I am a sinner who has been set free!

Thank you for your provisions. For a warm home to nest in, for food on the table, for the financial provisions that you provide. These things I have taken for granted in the past. This time of struggle has been a lesson that a loving Father has taught His child - to enjoy the simple things in life and be grateful for even the smallest things.

Thank you for my family. You have blessed me with two beautiful daughters who are the joy of my life. You have blessed me with two grandsons who I adore. My cup runneth over with the blessings of these children and grandchildren. I am blessed to have had the love of a wonderful father and mother who are now with You. I look forward to being able to see them again some day. Thank you for my brother and sister. I am so grateful to have their love and I ask for your blessings on them this Thanksgiving season.

Thank you for my many friends. Thank you for my nearby friends who I am able to be with on a regular basis. They know me, know my heart, and love me anyway. Those are the best kind of friends. Thank you for my far away friends and online friends. Most I've never met but they are so dear to my heart. They lift me up, encourage me, and share their love for which I am so thankful. Bless all of them Lord with your love and grace.

I pray for blessings for each and every person who reads this post. Bless them Lord on this Thanksgiving holiday and all the days ahead.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Beautiful words, Kay...
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Peggy said...

Thank you sweetie for the award earlier this week and many and rich blessings on your Thanksgiving Day!!!