Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mourning Doves

I have two Mourning Doves living in the big pine tree across the street from my house. (This is not my picture - they are too far away and move to fast for me to get one). I noticed them the other day and was so excited. I just love doves and love to hear the cooing call of the male. That sound always reminds me of being back home in IL, going out in the early morning, and hearing that sound.

It is a simple joy to watch for them each day. This morning the male was doing his best to show off for his lady friend but she was having no part of it. She'd fly to the telephone wire just in front of the tree and he'd fly to join her. Then he would coo to her, scoot over closer, and she'd move away. Mourning Doves do mate for life so I'm assuming that they are "husband and wife". Maybe he didn't take out the trash like she asked or was late to dinner?? Maybe she's upset for whatever reason a wife can get ticked at her hubby? Whatever it was, she was not a happy camper. After Mr. Dove followed her from wire to wire and bush to bush for about 10 minutes she got fed up and flew off. I felt badly for him as he sounded so pretty when he was talking to her and he was doing his best to make up. Maybe he needed to ply her with more than a coo - perhaps some Dove chocolates! (Sorry - I just couldn't resist.)

When I go outside this evening just before dark I'll be able to tell if they have kissed and made up. Stay tuned; more dove reports to follow.

Click here to hear their coo (you'll have to click the back button on your browser to come back to my blog).


Claudia said...

What a great story! I didn't realize they mate for life. I have a few around here that I see all the time, too. I'll have to start paying more attention. :)

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Sweet post! I will never look at a dove the same way again! Love birds and how they coo!

Carol............. said...

Hey, Kay!

I have doves! They do make wonderful sounds. Mine are laying eggs again and we already have one new baby.

Dove pictures will be on my Monday's blog page if you want to have a look...