Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Fun

I have just had the best birthday this year! The actual day was yesterday but I've been celebrating for the past two days. The day started with a Happy Birthday text from my oldest daughter, Missy. Then she took me to lunch at the best Asian restaurant and gave me money to go shopping. It was so nice to spend time with her which we don't get to do very often these days.

In the evening I went to dinner with Stephany, my youngest daughter. We went to Red Robin so I could use my free burger coupon. The food was so good and we had so much fun. After that we went to do a little shopping at Walgreens and I got new makeup with my birthday money.

Today I went to visit my friend Elodie who lives about 45 minutes north of here. When I arrived the dining room table was filled with presents - bath and body goodies which I just love. I know, I make them but I still love to get them too! I also got to take home a bouquet of roses from her rose garden! She took me to lunch at a little bakery in Castle Rock. We had clam chowder and sandwiches for lunch then took home a birthday cake for her husband and I (his birthday was on May 5th). She even had our names put on the cake - I brought the wedge home with my name on it as I was too full from lunch to eat it. But one of the best parts of the day was getting to meet Tessa, Elodie's English Bulldog puppy. Is this not just the cutest face you've ever seen (Tessa's, not mine)?

I just fell in love with Tessa! It's been a long time since I've been around a puppy - they just smell so good, puppy breath and all. I really did try to sneak her home in my tote bag but Elodie was watching me like a hawk!! Guess I'll have to try the next time I go visit.

Now I need to go take a rest as I'm worn out from all the celebrating!!


Donna Lynn said...

Happy Birthday! And man, that is one darling bulldog, what a sweet face, my son has one too and we just adore him!

I am a Washingtonian too, it was fun to visit your blog, it is always nice to connect to others in the PNW...

Donna Lynn

Florence said...

Happy Birthday Kay I hope it was all that you wanted it to be. Florence

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! What a wonderful day you had! I'm SO happy for you!!!!!!

And oh my gosh, isn't Tessa gorgeous!!!!! I could just eat her up! (with snuggles, of course!) :D

Tess said...


Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you had such great days.

I have to ask: Where did your friend get her puppy from?!?! I am looking for breeders in the area. I just love English Bulldogs and want one as soon as we have the back yard for her.

Many blessings,


Designs By Elodie' said...

We actually found Tessa right here in Castle Rock. There was a really cute web site in Seattle we were looking at. They gave you a little blanket with the Mother and Father's scent on it with the puppy. They didn't have puppies until May, and then we found the ad in our local paper. Tessa is a joy and she sure loved to bite Kay's toes! Yesterday was the first time she had seen sandals.
Warm Wishes,

Roberta Granada said...

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Darlene said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

May all the desires of your heart be realized :)

CathyJean said...

So happy you had a wonderful birthday week! Happy June:)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Kay!!
And Tessa is a doll baby- what a sweet face.

Hamburger wants to know if you saved him some cake.... he has a fork in his hand and says he'll be right over. *giggle*

Carol............. said...

Happy belated birthday, Ruth!

I miss having a dog.....that little one is adorable...

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hi Kay, so happy to read that you had a lovely day, well earned! Come on over and join me in my birhtday fun, a month of me for turning 50! Would love some insight! That puppy is so adorable, I want one!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Happy Belated Birthday!