Friday, June 26, 2009

Introducing. . .

Sophie - our new baby kitty!! She came to live with us by way of a family here in Vancouver. Sophie is the "runt" of the litter and only weighs 1 pound. Unfortunately she was taken away from her mother too soon and we're having to teach her everything that her mom couldn't. She is 9 weeks old but, because she is so small, she is behind developmentally.

Sophie is very sweet but it's like having a brand new baby in the house! We have to feed her every 4 hours, give kitten supplement formula with her food, and litter train her. She's starting to get the litter thing down if she's in the room where we keep her. Unfortunately she hasn't associated having to go with going to the litter box. There have been a few accidents in the last day or two. Hopefully that will stop - but I know how hard it is to train cats so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I've enjoyed having the last 2 weeks off school but classes start again on Monday. This quarter I'm taking Medical Terminology and Legal Aspects of the Medical Office. I will be done on August 18th and then the job search begins. Actually I'm going to start looking around the first part of August. I'm praying I find something right away as my unemployment is finished the middle of October.

The weather is starting to warm up here and it's so nice to have the sunshine. We usually don't get full blown summer weather until July and August. Then we start our dry spell which will last through September. I have been sad about not having any flowers this year but one good thing is I won't have to do all the watering that is necessary when it's so dry!

Today we're going to do some cleaning and then I have some packages to take to the post office. I really do need to get some soap made as my shelves are bare except for 2 bars of Cottage Rose and 30 bars of Calendula. The Calendula has been my biggest seller for the past few months so I stocked up on that. It is such a wonderful soap for sensitive skin, or any type of skin, and is unscented.

Remember a while back when I was asked to do a lotion for radiation patients? It's been forever in the making as the ingredients were pretty expensive. I had to buy a little at time. I did make the lotion - which is wonderful - but I decided that it just wasn't emollient enough for what I thought radiation patients might want. So I ended up doing a salve too. I like the salve as it has more concentration of the ingredients and, I feel, will be more beneficial and protecting to the skin. However, I love the lotion and have been using it everywhere including my face. Along with aloe vera butter I put calendula infused sweet almond oil, rosehip seed oil, emu oil and some other special ingredients. If you've never used a product with emu you should try it. That oil is so amazing and is said to deeply penetrate so it draws the other oils with it to really help the skin.

As soon as I have the lotion tested by a lab I will be offering it on my website. I will be taking pictures of the Aloe Salve and have it on the website this weekend.

Have a great day and a great weekend!


Claudia said...

Love the kitty!!!!! How wonderful that this little life has you to help it get started! :D

I'll definitely be interested in the lotion/salve. Ever since radiation, my skin hasn't been the same, especially around and under my breasts.

Princess Of Pink said...

AAAWWW what a sweetie pie, too cute ♥♥She SO remind me of my sweet Elvis. He ran away 4 (almost 5) weeks ago and never heard nor saw him again. I miss him SO much :( I now have a sweet female kitten, she is 2 months old and her name is...Pinky. Still miss Elvis but Pinky is sweet too.
I adore kittens lol

Darlene said...

The mamma cat I rescued was named Sophie :) What a sweetheart...I hope she catches on to the litter box quickly.

I love my dog but I still prefer cats :)