Sunday, September 6, 2009

Almost Normal

Well, I'm getting back to normal. I've felt pretty good this week and have had to take fewer rest breaks (i.e. naps). In fact, I'm ready to start Fall cleaning. It's all I can do not to tear into something but I know I need to be careful for a bit longer.

I have let this house go the whole time I was going to school. After that I was having so much trouble with my gall bladder that I just felt bad most of the time. Then there was the surgery which has been such a blessing. I'm really feeling good - didn't realize how bad I felt until I started feeling so good now!

Tonight I went into the "boys" bathroom to get some shampoo out of their shower. Steph and I share a bath, Steve has his, and Justin uses it to shower in and then finishes up his stuff in the downstairs bathroom. I pulled back the shower curtain and almost fainted! The boys have not been cleaning their bathroom. It's been an understanding that since I have 2 1/2 bathrooms to take care of that they would clean theirs and Steph and I take care of ours. Justin does the one downstairs.

It is beyond all comprehension how anyone could get into a shower that dirty. Men must not care if they shower in filth - at least the men in this house. If it hadn't been so ugly I would have taken before and after pictures. Needless to say, when I got done with my bath I went into theirs to clean. I took down the shower curtain liner and threw it away. Pulled the shower curtain down, pulled up the rugs and threw those in the washer. Then I started on the shower walls and tub with Comet. I filled the tub with hot water, added bleach, and let it sit. After that was done I put on gloves and tackled the toilet including using a pumice stone on the hard water stains. Tomorrow I will do the floor and the sink - figured I better not push my luck by doing any more cleaning tonight.

But that shower is so clean now that it just sparkles. Hopefully the rest of my house will look like that before long!


Claudia said...

Well after reading about all the cleaning, I KNOW you're feeling better!!!! YAY!!!!! *hugs*

Firecrackerkid said...

dirty bathrooms... it's a guy thing. A backbreaking job for mom!

Florence said...

Now don't over do there my friend. I think it is important for the guys to learn to keep their bath room clean, I remember going to my father in laws to visit knowing that I had better hold my bladder because I was not going in that bath room, this of course was after my mother in law had passed away. Did you get the new Mary Jane Magazine, I am in Montana at my daughters and she got hers it show cases the farm fair, it looked really well attended.

Char5 said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. I know what you mean about not knowing just how bad you felt until you started feeling better. I am now 3 months into recovering from my hyst. and I gain a bit more strength every day. Keep on keepin' on but remember to go easy on yourself.
No comment on the bathrooms, just let it be said that I understand. At one time we had 6 of us sharing the same bath/shower and you could always tell if it was one of the boys that used it last (sigh)...