Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Closet is Done!

I finally got the closet all organized tonight. It looked like a huge job but after I got started it wasn't bad at all. I needed some cubbies but couldn't spend the money right now so I improvised with cardboard boxes. I taped them all together so they wouldn't be sliding around. I think it worked really well. I have a few more things to go back in - sheets and pillowcases on the shelf and the box of computer things - and then it's complete. I just wanted to show the area I set up for my sewing and craft things. The other end is plastic bins with pictures, office supplies, and other miscellaneous stuff. Now I'm ready to start cutting fabric tomorrow and start sewing.

I found some things that I had forgotten about, like 2 wonderful old flour sacks that are going to make the best pillows! You can see them in the top right cubbie. They are soft and faded - just the best!

Here's the Fall fabric I got today. I love the scenes with the barns, pumpkins, and baskets of fruit. It is much prettier in person and has gold metallic accents around all the pumpkins. I think this will make the cutest purses!

It was a beautiful day here today and supposed to be more of the same for tomorrow. Then starting on Monday it will be rainy and in the 60's - the Fall weather is finally getting here. Now it's time to get the porch decorated.

I am off to get the closet finished before I go to bed. Have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!!


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