Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunny Second Day of Fall

Who would have thought we'd have 95 degrees in Western WA on the First Day of Fall? Not me - but we did and it was hot! Today is another sunny day but supposed to be much cooler.

I'll be hibernating upstairs today as my grandson, Justin, has the stomach flu. He's downstairs so we're trying not to go into the germy area. Hopefully Steph and I don't get it! So since I'm going to be in my room I'm going to organize my closet. I have a pretty good sized closet that has to double as clothes and craft storage. I'd take before pictures but it is way to embarrassing!! I hate clutter in my house so I tend to be one of those people that gets rid of the clutter by shoving it in a closet. As long as I don't see it then it doesn't exist, right? At least until I open the closet door!

I truly am going to try and get better about posting pictures on my blog. I just have to get in the habit of carrying my camera around with me. Several times I've seen things I thought would make great blog pictures only to realize that my camera is upstairs and I'm downstairs. So we'll start with the closet re-do if I get that done today.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful second day of Fall!



Marie said...

I hope Justin soon feels better and the rest of you don't get sick. Good luck on your cleaning. I end up putting back almost all I take out. I am loving the cool mornings and nights of Fall.

Uncovered Ruby said...

Hi Kay,
I saw that you're following me on Twitter, I'm kind of bad about posting on there consistently, but it did lead me to you! I see you're missing doing shows, well I'll just throw this out to you and you can decide...we're having a big outdoor gala with 19 vendors in our back parking lot on Oct. 3rd. We'd love to have you if you could swing it, if not...maybe next time. Let me know if you're interested...Lisa :-)

Prulletje said...

so what you still learning ;-)

just a girl from Holland who likes your blog, thanx for sharing !

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Sure do hope you don't get that bug!!!!!! I'm with Marie --- I usually end up putting it all back in the closet and shutting the door with a big, defeated sigh!

It's still HOT here. I'll be glad for a shiver or two!