Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have been neglecting my blog. I have a confession to make. I've been on Facebook! I've reconnected with old friends from high school, played on FarmVille and Country Life, and enjoyed reading what people are doing in real time. But I've neglected the friends that I have in the blogging world. I am sorry.

Am I giving up on FaceBook? Nope! Am I going to regularly post on my blog again? Sure!

The tooth, or non-tooth since it was pulled, is healing nicely. I can chew on that side again! I'm still trying to get an appointment for the root canal. I had the alarm set on my cell phone to call at 4:58 pm last Thursday. The alarm went off at 4:56. I said to myself "you need to call in 2 minutes" and held the cell phone in my hand to remind myself. At 5:18 I realized I was still holding the phone in my hand and hadn't called! I will try again this Thursday. I have another alarm set on my phone. Now I just need an alarm to remind me the alarm is going to ring so that I can remember to make the call!

It's still raining here. That is normal for a Pacific NW winter when you're on the west side of the mountains. I bet that my rainy, gray winter days don't look too bad to those poor folks who have had feet of snow this winter! The sun is coming later this week and I can't wait. All the rain makes you enjoy every little bit of sun that peaks through the clouds.

Spring is just around the corner!!!!


Patty Sumner said...

I too, have been neglecting my blog and it is a facebook issue. I have also connected with old high school friends and church friends and family. Just stopped chatting with my daughter who is several hours away. It is great to be able to chat and to see pics and status updates and .......... soooo much more.

Julia said...

I just started to re-blog now that I can type with my bum arm. It feels good to reconnect again there.
No rain today, just nice warm sunshine, I think I will go play in my garden, left-handed!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh my. I just got my soap and my lotion. So.. :) can I buy another bottle? I probably need to go to the site...just thought I would ask.
Hugs for all your hard work in making such wonderful products!
Oh...and I am glad you are going to get your tooth fixed. I had four pulled recently...I wish I gone to the dentist earlier.

Uncovered Ruby said...

YES, I love the daffodils! His promise of more blessings to come :-)
Take care...Lisa