Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spring Fling Contest

I saw primroses at the grocery store last weekend so it's got me thinking about Spring! In honor of that, I'm doing a Spring Fling Contest. Just leave me a comment about what you love about Spring under this post. But you must put a link on your blog back to mine and share the contest with others!

I'll draw on Sunday evening at 6 PM. The winner will get something for Spring -- handmade of course. As soon as I decide what I'm going to give away I'll post a picture. It might be a tote bag, it might be a bunny, it might be bath goodies, or maybe all three!! You'll have to come back to find out.



Darlene said...

Love the new look, did I tell you that? I like spring because winter is over!!!! The spring weather makes me a little nervous:)
The deer ate all my flowers and my garden last year, do you think I should try again?


jayedee said...

what don't i love about spring? the earth is coming awake and renewing itself after it's long winter nap....the grass is greening up, there are new sprouts on the fruit trees, the asparagus is peeking above ground again *sighs* it's an all together lovely time!
what a great idea for a giveaway! please count my in!

Jenna Z said...

Oooh, handmade goodies! Love that!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Spring.. well being a New Englander... I am TRAPPED for many months on end... I love that my track will open and I can walk.. I love that I can take my dog on jogs with me.. I love the smells.. Lilac especially.. and it also reminds me that school is almost out.. and I can enjoy the summer with my children!!

Laura of Harvestl Lane said...

I live in SW MO. On Monday we had sandals and short sleeve weather. On Wednesday we had snow!
Go figure!

I vote for a soap give away!

God bless!
Laura of Harvest Lane
Happy at Home

Katy said...

oh gosh...how fun! I LOVE handmade things!!! They are my favorite! I will definitely post about this on my blog!

What I love about spring....ah, well...for one, the smell of the air..fresh and new and clean and sweet. I love the flowers blooming and being able to let my kids go outside in a light jacket and just run and play! Ohhh....how i can't wait till winter is over!!! Thanks so much for a fun lil spring giveaway!!!

ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I saw your contest on Katy's blog (post above mine)~ this looks like fun.
My birthday is on the first day of spring, so I've always loved spring. The older I get, though, the birthday isn't so exciting anymore! I love that spring is a reminder of new life~ everything is turning green and beautiful again after a dull, brown winter. (I do admit, I hate the mud though!)
Heidi @ Reviews by Heidi

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love spring because it brings hope, a new season, new flowers and a new home, hopefully! lol Please enter me in your lovely contest, but you may have to tell me how to link to my blog, not sure how to do that? :)

Nen said...

There are many things I love about Spring... the refreshing newness of life, not only in the flowers and the leaves that begin to peek at us - but also the lenten season that gives us all a reason to live.... Jesus!

corrine said...

What is not to love about spring? I love getting out and digging in the dirt, all the barnyard babies, and opening all the windows to air the house after a long winter.

Blessedw4mom said...

Oh I love handmade giveaways! And I love spring because it warms up!!! More time out side, any mother of 4 kiddos loves more time outside :)

Kim said...

The thing I love the most about Spring is waking up in the morning hearing the birds singing after being silent all winter!

I posted a link on my blog to your contest as well!

Blessings to you!

~ Kim

Jessica said...

I love spring time because it is the awaking of life. I enjoy getting my camera out and capturing moments of a new lamb or calf born or the fresh petals blooming on a flower. Remembering the warm air and the beauty of the garden makes me really wish spring was here!!

momofmhasr said...

What do I love about spring? I have to be honest and say I love winter best, but I do love the colours of spring, I love the bright greens on the trees that show new growth. I love the purples and yellows that show through the snow as the bulbs start to grow up toward the sun. I love the picture of the new birth and the picture of the growth in christians lives.

Prairie Mouse said...

I love this idea., Spring is such a refreshing time of year. I love all the new little lives that come to be, bunnies, chicks, butterflies and bees. I love being surrounded by fragrent flowers and the smell that fills the air.

Hope you have a blessed Spring.

Pat said...

I love spring because we celebrate Easter and it is my favorite holiday because as sad as I am that Jesus had to die for me, I am way more happy He did. I love the newness as He gives us newness of life.

Autumn said...

What do I love about spring???
Warm sunshine-fresh dirt-bedding plants and bird songs!!!