Friday, July 17, 2009

Waitin' On A Woman

I know that you've probably heard the Brad Paisley song "Waitin' On A Woman". It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. If not, here's the video from YouTube.

Today I saw this kind of love in action. I took Steph and a friend to the mall. They were in Macy's and I went outside in the mall to sit on a bench and wait. Across from me was a white haired gentleman who I'm guessing was around 70. He was sitting there patiently watching the people walking through the mall.

About 5 minutes later a beautiful white haired lady comes walking out of Macy's with a shopping bag. She looks over at the bench with the sweetest smile and expression on her face. She was looking at her husband. He smiled back, got up, and said "Did you get what you wanted?" She shook her head yes and he placed his hand on her back as they walked away smiling and talking to each other.

I was almost blubbering right there in the mall. It was so sweet to see so much love on the faces of two people. He was such a gentleman and was so kind & patient. I imagined to myself that they've probably been married forever and he's waited for her many times! It was so precious!

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Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Ok, now you got me blubbering!!!! I just watched the video and it was just the greatest!

My dad and mom were like that. Sweethearts and totally lost in each other to the very end!