Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Dappled Shade to Nothing

See this sweet maple tree? This WAS the view out my dining room window. It had grown much since last summer when I took that picture. It came over more of the window and when the sun would come around in late afternoon, the little tree would provide dappled shade for my window. We also have a very large pine tree in the back yard with branches that hung very low.

This afternoon the lawn people came. I was laying down in my room and heard what sounded like a chain saw. I looked out to see them trimming the large pine tree. I was very happy because not only did the tree look too big for the yard, there were lots of spider in the low branches. We couldn't even enjoy the patio. They trimmed it way up and it really opened the space. Once the sawing stopped I drifted off to sleep.

When I got up from my nap I rushed outside to see the finished work. I looked over to the left and the little maple tree was gone!!! They had cut it completely down. I don't think that little tree was one that was planted on purpose because it was a bit too close to the fence. It was more like a wayward seed that got dropped and the tree grew. It still was ok in that spot and only needed a few branches trimmed. Now it's gone and the space looks so bare. But, since I rent, there is nothing much that I can do about it. I'll just try not to look over that way when I go outside.


Claudia said...

I always miss trees when they are gone. I think about the birds and squirrels who may have lived in the trees and I feel bad. But they seem to adjust. :) I have a tree that started off as a weed. It needs to come down. I think of these things every time a hurricane comes up the coast as we have Bill doing now. LOL

Florence said...

It looks like it was providing much need shade in all this heat. Every time a tree is fallen I feel this little twinge in my heart for its loss. Who knows maybe another bird will leave a seed there again or perhaps the wind will plant a seed there instead.

boots said...

I saw an elderly lady standing in her yard looking at a tree that had been there for aslong as I have been here (well over 7 years) someone had "trimmed" it and it looked as though she wanted to cry.

It made me realize some trees are like pets to us, the trees that we watch every day grow and change,
I am a tree appreciator! and I know you will miss yours!