Monday, August 3, 2009

Update on Grandma Jerry

Grandma is not doing so well today. Yesterday when we left her blood pressure was very low and they were going to give her a unit of blood.

When the doctor examined her this morning he determined that she is having some internal bleeding from the area where the metal rod was put in her thigh. She had been on Coumadin to prevent blood clots but they had to take her off that because of the bleeding. Her blood pressure and heart rate were very low this morning and she needed another unit of blood. Grandma refused at first because she was confused and thought she might die if she had the blood - she said that's what someone had told her. The doctor said no - that she needed it or she could have a heart attack because her bp and heart rate were so low.

She was doing a bit better late this afternoon and we're praying that the bleeding will stop. I'm not sure what the next step will be if it doesn't. Steph and I are going to the hospital in the morning so we can be there when the doctor comes in. We don't want her to be alone - I wasn't aware that no one had been with her all day until Steve's parents went to the hospital at 5 this afternoon! I was not happy about that at all.

We would sure appreciate it if you could remember Grandma in your prayers. I'll post an update tomorrow.


PS My job interview got postponed until Wednesday at 2!


Claudia said...

I'm praying. I hope things improve. It's so sad when families have to go through this. *hugs*

Aunt Jenny said...

I will sure be praying Kay..I hope things get better really soon! I know she appreciates you being there! Good luck with the job interview too!