Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glorious Sunday

I have a laptop which I borrowed from my husband for our trip to Utah. Actually, Stephany says it is HER laptop. That's to be debated, but we let her think it is hers.

Since I'm in a temporary place right now I get to go to different places each day to use free WiFi with my laptop. It's kind of neat. Right now I'm sitting in the Battle Grounds Coffee shop drinking an Orange Crush soda and typing on my blog.

It's fun to sit here, surf the internet, visit my favorite blogs, listen to music playing over the stereo system (classical at the moment), and watch people. Maybe I will not get internet at home when I have a permanent place. Maybe I'll just keep traveling around enjoying the company of strangers while I surf!

What a glorious Lord's Day!! The sun is shining here and it was so nice and cool this morning. I got up about 8 AM and went out to the patio. Missy's plants are in need of some serious TLC. So I picked off spent blossoms and watered them. After that I did my Beth Moore Bible study. I was going to join the study at the church in Layton but then we came back here. So I have the book and am doing it on my own. It's about the Fruit of the Spirit. Each day is about a 35 minute study. I'm going to like it because she really makes you dig into scripture. I even had to do a time line this morning!

God bless you on this Sabbath Day!!! Many hugs!!!


Darlene said...

That sounds like a lot of fun to me:) I wonder where I can borrow a lap top!


Laura of Harvest Lane said...

Glad you're home!
May God give you your own home and the ability to build a new home and new life within the wonderful old hometown and old life.

Laura of Harvest Lane

LINDA said...

It sounds all bright and wonderful there on this day. Hope you interview go ?
Ah, the power of prayer.....

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Hi, Kay!!!! I think of you so often, and am so glad that you are home now! I love people watching, too, though it gets me into trouble if I start laughing and imitating!!!!! It's so good to see you here again!!!!! I'll be back often to check up on you!


Lil Knitter said...

Glad you're safely home and I hope things work out great for you.

Just wondering if you have an addy for me to send you Simple Woman Swap to. Email me melne66 at yahoo dot com


CathyJean said...

Glad to hear your trip back was a safe one and that you are settling in.
Praying for you!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Kay,

Since I have you listed in my "sites of interest", I choose you to partake in the 5 favorite things, excluding family, tagg. Sooo, you're it!!

Angela said...

Hope things are working out for you all.