Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Starting My Day

I used to read blogs at night. It was how I relaxed before I went to bed. Over the summer that has changed. The kids are sleeping, one in the living room on the couch, so I'm confined to my bedroom for a while until they wake up. I get my coffee, have quiet time with the Lord, and then start my day by checking email and reading my friend's blogs.

You all bless my heart so much! What a joy to open my email to see that someone has stopped by my blog and left a comment. This morning it was Laura of Harvest Lane. She won one of my weekly soap giveaways and has been a regular visitor ever since. I went to visit her blog and read about how God has provided a new job for her husband, how her husband and sons put up a new wooden screen door, and was reminded of ways to use things up and save money.

My friend Darlene at Stover Lane is looking for her red recipe box. I wish I could be there to help her find it.

Sher at Old Crow Farm in Kansas is enjoying a much needed cold front that has given relief from all the heat and humidity. As I read her blog this morning I walked around her garden with her as she watered her flowers and enjoyed the cool of the morning.

I have to stop by Kim's blog, Mrs. Morris Art, to see what kind of ATC card she's come up with in the night while I was sleeping. Or to find out what the dogs have been up to. I'm lucky to have her live close to me so that we can see each other.

There are so many more people that I have visited this morning. I will probably never meet you in person. I wish I could. I 'd love to sit a spell with all of you and talk. But you are my friends of the heart. You share your world with me each new day. You bless my heart. Those are the best kind of friends to have. I'm so glad that God brought you into my life!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kay, my mom is Darlene at stoverlane. And I have visited your site many times! I think it's beautiful! My mom talks about you all the time and loves your strength, creativity and your soaps! And i just wanted to say hi! Your an inspiration for many women! God bless you!

LINDA said...

I have enjoyed the honesty and serenity of your blog. I find it comforting to be able to keep up with people and not have them disappear into the night. It does provide some security inthis ever-changing world. And doesn't that sound odd? Finding comfort in something you cannot see or touch? I consider you on of my friends....

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

What a lovely way to start your day! I think I will change my journal time as well once we begin school too.


Farm Chick Paula said...

I feel the same way, Kay... I visit people's blogs (like yours) and think, "gosh, I wish I could talk to them in person just once!"
I love coming to visit with you, even if it is on this dumb old computer! LOL

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

What a sweet post, you sound like a very precious person . I haven't received my soap yet, but you will hear me squealing when it gets here! have a blessed day dear .

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Forgot to tell you to come sign up for my free giveaway. Everybody welcome !

CathyJean said...

What an encouragement, Kay, to hear you are settling in, sounds like you are experiencing more peace in your life. We all will always have daily trials and those hills or mountains to climb. Doing so in the peace of the Lord is the secret - easy to say, hard to do sometimes.
I too find inspiration in reading the blogs of friends from "Blogland" and sometimes wishing I could be there!

Debra said...

Kay, It's fun to read about how others read blogs. I reward myself the time to spend on them after I do some work around the house(or sometimes I do the work after!)
Anyway, take care, and God bless!

Connie said...

Kay, my sweet chick!!!!!!! It's so nice to have you come visit my blog and leave a comment. You just tickled me pink, sweetpea! Yep, you drop on over and visit with this old lady any time ya want, honey. We'll cackle together and have some fun. Ooooh, it's so nice to meet someone in the same part of the U.S. as I'm in....the northwest!! Granddaughter is in Wa. also. How cute are those cinnamon buns!!

CathyJean said...

Kay ~
In appreciation for the honestly and everyday courage you show in your blog I have given you an award! Please come over to visit and pick it up! :)

simple~needs said...

i love your blog!! your wonderful personality shines through! you would be a great neighbor to have near by!!
thanls for all your awesome posts!!

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

What a neat post Kay! I'm going to have to look up some new blogs.

My excitement grows each day as I keep checking the mailbox. I know my soap will be there soon. I'm going to take a nice long soak with my new soap and then----hide it!


Katy said...

So many little time!!! hehe! I am glad you were able to enjoy some quiet time with God and checking on blogs! :) I hope you are having a wonderful Friday! :)