Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing With A New Toy

I went to my friend Kim's tonight and we played with her brand new Singer sewing/embroidery machine!! It is so cool. It took us the whole evening just to figure out the basics, how to thread it and what kind of built-in stitches it had. It will take another evening to start learning how to embroider.

She asked me over to teach her and we had to call her husband in to help us! In fact, he ended up teaching us. Seems he learned to sew when he was in the Coast Guard working on sails and emergency gear. Not only does her husband give sewing lessons but he makes some great oven fried chicken. That's what we had for dinner.

It has been so rainy, windy and cold here today. Feels more like winter than Spring. I talked to my brother in IL and he said they were supposed to get 4 inches of snow! I wanted to get some seeds started today but didn't feel like going out in the cold to get soil and seeds. I am getting anxious to get something started and waiting for warm weather so I can plant.

My Victory Garden won't be a big one - mostly containers on the patio. But I figure it will be enough to eat out of for the summer and save some money on groceries. I will go the Farmer's Markets to get things in bulk to freeze and can for next winter. The fuel prices have gone down some but I don't see the grocery prices going down - supposedly the high fuel costs were the reason groceries were getting so expensive.

I'm doing everything I can to try and spend only $50 a week on groceries. I've never been a coupon clipper but Kim just keeps encouraging me. She is the queen of great grocery bargains and a coupon queen. We went to Safeway yesterday to look for a pasta bargain and she pulled out her coupon book. I stuff mine in the side pocket of my purse. Hers is a zippered binder with 8 1/2 x 11 plastic baseball card sleeves inside with one coupon in each little section of the sleeve. Everything is right at her fingertips and she can see all her coupons. Very impressive. I need to make one and get busy filling it with coupons.

Have a great weekend!!!



mrsmorris said...

I am so glad you could be here to chrisen the machine. I had so much fun, even with the constant interruptions of two very spoiled dogs. We love having you here, and hope you will come after more often to play with the toys.

Coupon fever ~ Catch it!

Love from me and "Nancy"

Sue said...


I never made the connection between you 2 gals! For all I knew, you lived at opposite ends of the country! What fun!

Glad you figured out (with the help of Kim's hubby) how to work her new "toy". Sounds awesome. I wish I had more time...The older I get, the more time it takes me just to try and get my house clean sometimes.

Anyway, yes, spring took a MAJOR detour here also. It is so cold. My hubby is at a weekend men's retreat with our church. He always takes our 'son', Scooby, for his morning walk. My ears were frozen when I got back this morning! No fun at all...

Have a GREAT what's left of the weekend, Kay!

Caroline said...

A hubby that can sew AND cook what more could a woman want.
Have a great day!!

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