Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've been reading the Old Testament lately. My In Touch devotional has led me there and it has been such a joy! I love reading the stories of God's people and God's miracles. This morning I was reading 2 Chronicles 20. It's about the Moabites, Ammonites, and Meunites that came to make war on Jehoshaphat. God had instructed Moses and the Israelites headed toward the promised land not to aggravate these people. They obeyed and avoided a confrontation.

However, during Jehoshaphat's reign the Moabites, Ammonites and Meunites marched toward Judah with the intent to attack. When Jehoshaphat learned of this the very first thing he did was call the people together in front of the temple to pray! He didn't try to think of what he should do, try to make his own plans, or even hesitate. He went to the Lord in prayer. The prayer in verses 6 to 10 is beautiful. The very last sentence of the prayer says "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you."

Jehoshaphat was waiting on instruction from the Lord to see if he should fight or not. He knew what God had told them in the past. The ending of the story is that God told them to fight, gave them instructions, and made them victorious over Israel's enemies!

When I read this it just touched my heart so much and has been with me all day. When I am in a situation that worries me where do I turn my eyes? What is the first thing I think of? I usually start running the scenario through my head, trying to plan things out, and wonder what to do. That is my humanness. The first thing I should be doing is calling out to God and keeping my eyes upon Him! God has the answers. He knows the plan. He is waiting for me to put my eyes on Him, pray and wait for His answer! I will only be victorious when I pray and wait on the Lord!


Farm Chick Paula said...

This was a great post, Kay- I had to stop and ask myself the same question... I'm usually guilty of looking everywhere else for the answer. I need to remember this wonderful message!

Florence said...

We need to listen with our heart open to what he has to say and wants us to do. Sometimes we think we can carry our burdens alone, but we can't. That is when we go to God in prayer and listen.

Anonymous said...

I love to look at your blog from time to time and came to visit today.
I love the verse you quoted and it really was timely for me. Thank you for sharing God's word and touching lives.
God bless,
BB from Ga.