Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Construction and A Giveaway!

Bear with me as my blog is in construction mode!! I think I have it all put back together. The whole process was really fairly simple. The only thing that took a while was adding all the blogs that I love back to my blog roll. There was no way to save that. If you look down the list and don't see your blog, please let me know.

So tell me what you think. Is it better? Too busy? You love it? You hate it? I value your opinion and would love your comments. See that little crow in the top right corner?? He's watching for comments all the time - even when I'm not here. So please leave one, ok? Even if you just say hi!

Let's celebrate me being able to pull off this whole blog construction thingy with a giveaway! If you leave a comment I'll put your name in a drawing to be held next Saturday, 10/17 at 6 pm Pacific time. I have two Noni knitting patterns for felted purses (the ones above - aren't they gorgeous?) that I'd just love to give to someone. After you leave a comment will you spread the word by leaving a link back on your blog??

Have a great weekend!!



Florence said...

I will bear with you. I hope your having a great weekend. Hugs Florence

Debbie said...

You go girl. You'll figure all this out in time for the New Year!

Cathy said...

Hey, Kay!!! I LOVE it and I'm now inspired to try again to get mine to a 3 column ~ looks great! :) Esp. your lil' comment searcher LOL!
Wonderful givaway, I'll post a link.
Have a great week! :)

Angela Muller said...

Great blog. I have not even tried to figure out blogging yet:) YAY for looks great.
A giveaway is a great blog idea!!