Monday, October 5, 2009

My Phone Interview

I had my 2nd phone interview with Memorial Hospital in Springfield, IL this morning. The first was with human resources and this one was with the hiring manager. Right off the bat she told me that she had never done a phone interview before. When I talked to the recruitment department it sounded like they were making an exception to do my interview by phone since I was still in WA. From what the mgr told me this morning it sounded like that was true!!

Everything went really well and the lady that I spoke with was so nice. The position would be in patient pre-registration and I would be doing phone and computer work. Hours would be 8 to 4:30 and only 6 or 7 Saturdays a year. The job description said that it would every other weekend and hours of 9:30 to 6. I asked about that and was told what I'm interviewing for is a different position - fine with me because I love the hours and the no weekends! If they hire me I would be starting by the end of October!

Now I wait, which is the hardest part for me. I can truly feel God's hand working out all the little details of this. As He opens doors I am walking through. I can't imagine getting hired for a position by having a phone interview but I know that God works miracles. If this is truly His will then it will happen. I get so wrapped up in the job details that I forget about the finances to make this huge move of 2000 miles! God has those details worked out too and I am trusting. He knows the need and will provide.

I am praying and waiting - trying to be patient!

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Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I hope and pray the Lord will work it out so you can get a good job. He has the right place for you and will open the right door for you in His time. I know it's hard to wait, but He never fails us. Have a blessed week, Brenda.