Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

We are in the middle of a real cold spell! Normally it barely gets below freezing. Tonight it's supposed to be down to 15. It's been that cold since last Friday and we've had winds to go along with it too. I've been staying snug and warm inside getting sewing projects finished for customers. They are finally done and I get to move on to some fun stuff now.

Today I made Cottage Rose soap and lotion. Tomorrow it will be Blue Bonnet. I have a couple more batches of soap to make but not sure what scents yet. I think that Peppermint Candy will be one - that is our new favorite scent around here. Maybe some Citrus Basil as I haven't done that one in a while and it's a favorite with the guys.

I got the tree up on Saturday and it has been a fight ever since trying to keep Sophie out of the tree. She knocked it over 3 times in less than 24 hours. Today I made a "moat" of aluminum foil around the bottom of the tree. She hates foil. That worked really well - until Sophie figured out that if she got on the back of the couch and leaned way over she could reach the tree. Out came the water bottle but it's a constant battle. She is one determined cat!

Steph and I have been having the nicest evenings. Sunday night I was sewing and she was laying in my bed. I put White Christmas in the computer and we watched that together while I finished some things. Tonight we watched Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - you know the old one with the clay looking characters?? Steph loves those old Christmas programs and so do I!

I haven't even started any shopping yet and need to get a little done. I have to get for Steph and for the grandsons. The adults are going to just wish each other Merry Christmas this year as everyone's finances are so tight. I kind of like it that way anyway. It makes more of the focus on Jesus and less on the presents.

I've saved the very best news for last! I am going to be a grandma again! Missy is pregnant with her third child and the baby will be here in July. Since I have two grandsons you can guess what I'm hoping for - a granddaughter! I can't wait until Missy is far enough along to find out the gender so I can start making things for the baby. Her youngest is 11 so it's been a while since we've had to think about babies around here. We're just thrilled to pieces. I'm already thinking about blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and anything else that I can possibly sew. This is going to be such fun.

I hope that you all are keeping warm and enjoying the Christmas season!!



Debbie said...

Good you're staying busy; it'll keep you warmer! Glad to hear you and Steph are staying close. Want to wish you a wonderful CHRISTmas.

~~Deby said...

Freezing here too.....soooo cold...in the teens this morning..I am watching the memorial today as I putz around my home...
At least we are having sunshine..

Celticlass said...

The picture of Stephy and Sophie is adorable and warmed my heart in this cold snap. We have a new kitten this year too so my Christmas decorating has changed a bit. She loves to haul off with Nativity Set pieces. Glad she is in the spirit.
Merry Christmas,