Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finding A Dentist

In the last 3 weeks I have had two teeth break. One is a molar on the upper right side that has always been in crooked. I was eating a pretzel and the whole front of the tooth broke off. Thank God it has not started to hurt. Because I have no dental insurance and very little money I called a local community dental center. They will see you and bill you after you pay the first $40.

The first visit I paid my $40 and saw a temporary dentist who was filling in for the regular dentist who was on vacation. She looked at my tooth and said I'd have to come back to see the regular dentist. She did put some bonding material over the tooth so it would not be open. Last week I went back to see the regular dentist. He was not very friendly, to say the least. He comes in, pokes a metal instrument in the tooth which made it hurt, and tells me that I need a root canal and a crown to the tune of $2000. They don't do that there so he'd have to refer me out. I told him that if I had $2000 I would not need to be at a community clinic. He said the only other alternative was to pull the tooth which is fine with me. He said, in a very terse voice, that he would see what he can do to save the tooth and tells me to make another appointment.

I go to the front desk and they tell me they will have to call me when there is an appointment available! I still have not heard from them. I am trying not to be picky as I don't have a lot of options but I have to say that so far I've not exactly gotten a sense that this community clinic really wants to help.

Last night I was brushing my teeth and the back of the tooth on the lower left side broke off. This one is a problem because I have had two molars pulled on that side and have one tooth left next to the broken one. If I had this one pulled then I would probably have to have the one next to it pulled and would have no teeth left on the lower left side. I have to try and save this tooth.

I have been in tears all day about this because I know there is not a good dentist in Vancouver who would even talk to me with no insurance and little money. I have been praying and praying that the Lord would lead me to some kind hearted dentist who would fix my tooth and let me make payments. I am just praying that this tooth will not start to hurt and that I won't end up with an infection in either.

I just needed to share this and ask if you would pray for and with me in this situation.



Debbie said...

Kay, I'm so sorry you have this problem. Dental work is outrageously expensive, I know. I have asked the Lord to answer your need as only He can. Let us know how you are progressing...
Hugs, Debbie

PatinTenn said...

Kay, I will be praying for you. I am so sorry that you are having to go through the troubles with the dentist.

We are blessed to have a dentist that "swaps" labor for labor with my hubby. He also bills us for our "repair" visit. I always try to save the money up for the teeth cleaning but at other times, billing us is the only option at that time.

God knows and He sees you. Trust that He will send you an answer at the right time.

Please keep us posted on this.