Monday, December 21, 2009

A Sophie Kind of Christmas

We HAD our usual 7 ft tree in place with all the lights on it. In 24 hours Miss Sophie had knocked it over 3 times! Then she started behaving herself and only knocked it over once a day. Last week I came home from work to find the daily mess and decided that was it! Down came the tree. I had a small tree in the garage that had been in Steph's room. It had lights on it and all the decorations. All I had to do was untie the plastic bag. That tree went in the space about our gas fireplace.

This weekend, after the last of my orders were shipped out, I finished the Christmas decorating. I put the Nativity set under the tree (that is above the fireplace because of Sophie - see paragraph #1) and it looks beautiful. This set has great sentimental value as Steph's Great-grandma Jerry, who is 95 years old, made this in 1960. Someday it will look lovely in Steph's first home.

Last night Steph and I wrapped presents. I love this paper!! I have this thing about all my presents being wrapped in the same paper - I know, I'm a little OCD. But if you notice the picture of the presents you'll see shoes, plastic storage boxes and other stuff. That's because the presents are in my bedroom closet. Why? See paragraph #1!! And since we can't put them under the tree because the tree is above the fireplace, they will stay in my closet until Christmas morning. Otherwise we will find missing bows and shredded paper.

It's a Sophie kind of Christmas around here and we're loving every minute of it!!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

We also have a "Sophie/Sophia" but all she has done so far is chew on a bit of tinsel. None of our 3 cats has bothered with the tree this year, tho in years past, when they were a bit younger, we had our share of problems.
And MY grandma Adlyn, made the exact same nativity set in the 60's for MY mom. After my mom died 10 years ago, I inherited the nativity. Grandma went all out and hand painted every single piece of the nativity...even the camels! I have to have the entire top of the buffet to display it!
Blessings to you and yours this Christmas, Kay!

Florence said...

Sophie is having too much fun I think. Our cat just looked at our tree and decided to hunker down under it and sleep. So far no mishaps. Have a great Holiday. Hugs Florence